PCPRaido Happy Menace

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artist – song – album – label
1. Oneohtrix Point Never Replica Replica Software / V2
2. Dam Mantle Not_A_Word We GET ME!
3. Radiohead Separator_Anstam_RMX_II TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
4. Radiohead Morning_Mr_Magpie_Nathan_Fake_Harshdub_RMX TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
5. Pariah Left Unsaid IOTDXI R&S
6. Cloaks Detritus_Version Versions Grain 3BY3
7. Cloaks Against_Devilman_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
8. Cloaks Against_Legion_Of_Two_Remake Versions Grain 3BY3
9. Cloaks 00148_Dead_Fader_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
10. Cloaks Rust_On_Metal_JK_Flesh_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
11. Cloaks Sixmenace_One Versions Grain 3BY3
12. Sewnleather- blazingbabylon Free DL
13. Sewnleather- Smoke_Ov_The_Pvnk_ The big pink / various k7
14. LIGHT ASYLUM Shallow_Tears – The Big pink / various k7
15. John Maus Believer We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves UPSET THE RHYTHM

1. STEREOTYP – Juke My Name (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
2. COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
3. RIHANNA – Rudeboy (STEREOTYP Remix) (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
4. WAGAWAGA – Sleepwalker (from ‘Jinjajoon Bus’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
5. BANTUM – New String (feat OWENSIE) (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum’s bandcamp site) IRE
6. COCO BRYCE – Ginormous Bliss (from ‘Polaroid Sunset EP’ on Myor Records)
7. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride (from ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ on Cock Rock Disco Records)
8. MACHINEDRUM – Let It (SOVEREIGN SECT Remix) (from Sovereign Sect’s soundcloud site)
9. LUPE FIASCO – I Gotcha (KRADDY Remix) (from ‘The Illegal Album’ on Refiner Records)
10. RUBBERBANDITS – Bag Of Glue (unreleased) IRE
11. BANTUM – An Introduction (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum bandcamp site) IRE


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