PCPRaidio – Catching up on my back cases #1

Posted by homoludo on February 27th, 2012 filed in radio shows

I’ll be posting up some radio shows from the last while.

PCPRaidio – The Brunig Deflation 



artist – song – album – label
1. Redinho -Stay Together(excerpt) -Stay Together ep -Nnumbers
2. Actress- Rainy Dub- Rainy_Dub ep -Honest Jons
3. Actress Faceless- Rainy_Dub ep- Honest Jons
4. Yves De Mey-  Particle Match-  Counting Triggers-  Sandwell District
5. Floating Points-  Sais Shadows ep-Eglo records
6. Rrose -Shepherds Brine-  Merchant Of Salt- Sandwell District
7. Rrose -Waterfall -Merchant Of Salt- Sandwell District
8. El Kid – Hypnosis
9. Tropic of Cancer -Be Brave-  Be Brave-  Downwards
10. NHK – Mogra -Special- Important
11. CLAMS CASINO -Brainwashed by London – Instrumentals – Free mixtape/Type
12. Mika Vaino-  Teutons-  Vandals ep- Raster Noton
13. Lorn- Suicidal thoughts (Lorn Remix) – Notorious B.I.G.-   Free DL
14. Kelpe – Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Version)-
15. Loops Haunt-  Ark – Ark ep – Black Acre

1. NANU NANU – Sonic State (from Nanu Nanu bandcamp site) IRE
2. DEFEKT – Replicants Mind (from ‘Stimulus’ on Takeover Records) IRE
3. MMOTHS – Heart (from Mmoths bandcamp site) IRE
4. CIGNOL – Yehno (from ‘Switching For A Living’ on Alphabet Set Records) IRE
5. AUTOMATIC TASTY – Through The Ascii House (ALIEN HAND Remix) (from ‘World Wide Web’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
6. NOUVEAU NOISE – Cinnte (from Nouveau Noise bandcamp site) IRE
7. RUBBERBANDITS – Double Dropping Yokes With Eamon DeValera (from ‘Serious About Men’ on Lovely Men Records) IRE


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