PCPRaidio My Life in the Techno Cult & Set Theory

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PCPRaidio My Life in the Techno Cult 


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artist song label album
1. Robert Hood -The Exodos- Music Man -Motor: Nighttime World 3
2. Diamond Version -Sense of Urgency- Mute -EP 3
3. DeFeKT -Bring back CV -Signal Code -Switch Ep
4. Soundhack- Untitled 1 -Soundhack- Soundhack #1
5. Soundhack- Untitled 2-  Soundhack -Soundhack #1
6. Substance & Vainqueur- Immersion -Scion -Surface / Immersion
7. Joy Orbison -Ellipsis (Head High remix)- Hinge Finger- Ellipsis
8. Soundhack -Devils Run- Soundhack- 10th Anniversary E.P.
9. KW GRIFF -Bring_in_the_Katz_featuring_Pork_Chop- Night Slugs- Bring_in_the_Katz
10. Mr Mitch – Super_Freak -Gobstopper Records -Trash Wax/Super Freak
11. Soundhack -Soundhack- 002- Soundhack EP2
12. Personable- Spontaneous Generation -Peak Oil -Spontaneous Generation
13. I:Cube- Popular Electronics- “M” Megamix -Versatile Records
14. I:Cube -In Alpha -“M” Megamix -Versatile Records
15. Andres -New For U – New For U
16. Diamond Version- Turn On Tomorrow- Mute- EP 3
17. Urban Tribe -Her- Trust- Social Engineering
18. Diamond Version -Turn On Tomorrow (Version)- Mute -EP 3
19. Substance & Vainqueur -Surface -Scion -Surface / Immersion
20. Robert Hood -Slow Motion Katrina -Music Man -Motor: Nighttime World 3
21. Emptyset- Collapse -Raster Noton -Ununhexium / Collapsed
22. Container -Perforate- Digitalis -LP
23. Robert Hood -Torque -Music Man – Motor: Nighttime World 3




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artist song label album
1. Jar Moff -Commercial Mouth -Pan -Commercial Mouth
2. Loin FX- Drone assassin_loud- unreleased
3. Emptyse-t Armature -Raster Noton- Ununhexium / Collapsed
4. Death Grips- Bass rattle stars out the sky- Self Released- NO LOVE DEEP WEB
5. Container- Dripping -Spectrum Spools LP
6. Sculpture- Untiltled B- DIGITALIS- Slime Code
7. Powell- Rider -Death of Rave -Untitled
8. Kassem Mosse -Staat Aus Glas- Sound of the Universe -Staat Aus Glas EP
9. MPIA3- Acid Badger- R&S -Your Orders
10. Dark Sky- Shutter Speed -50 WEAPONS -Myriam EP
11. Emptyset -Point- Raster Noton
12. Bantum -Fedora feat. Margie Lewis -Band Camp- Legion
13. Eomac- No Name- Killekill -Spoock ep


1. BRICK & MORTAR – Move To The Ocean – BAAUER Remix (from Baauer’s soundcloud site)

2. AK KIDS – Soft Touch (from ‘Shree Bang Special’ on Bad Acid Records)

3. GINUWINE – Pony – HEROBUST Remix (from ‘This Is So Random’ on Egyptian Maracas Records)

4. RIVER OF SLIME – Volume 1 – S-TYPE Remix (from ‘Volume 1 EP’ on Phuturelabs Records)

5. THE HOOD INTERNET – Goooo In Paris – TNGHT x JAY Z & KANYE WEST (from The Hood Internet’s soundcloud site)

6. RUSTIE – Dragonfly (from ‘Sunburst EP’ on Warp Records)

7. TNGHT – R U Ready (Unreleased)

8. DEATH GRIPS – Fever Aye Aye (from ‘The Money Store’ on Epic Records)

9. GUN SELECTAH – Como Un Perro (from ‘Gun Selectah EP’ on Friends Of Friends Records)

10. RUBY GOE – Get On It – EAN Remix (from EAN’s soundcloud site)

11. LETHAL DIALECT – Keep It Real – DEVIANT Remix (Unreleased) IRE

12. BUSTA RHYMES – As I Come Back – VIBESQUAD Remix (from ‘Remix Mashers Volume 2’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)

13. NAS & DAMIEN MARLEY – As We Enter – VIBESQUAD Remix (from ‘Remix Mashers Volume 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)

14. MANUS GOAN – Party n Bullshit – (Unreleased) IRE


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