PCPRaidio Upregulate

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PCPRaidio Upregulate

Future Jungle shapes to begin with from Adrian Sherwood and Pinch, Mark Pritchard , Machinedrum and Rockwell. Followed by a grime war dub from Kahn and Neek and into some new house and blown techno from Heatsick, Container and more.

Finishing off with a couple of Lou Reed (Bela Lugosi’s Dead) tunes, most likely ones not played on other fm shows in Ireland.

Bela Lugosi

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Artist               Tune                    Album

1. Mark Pritchard-Make A Livin-Make A Livin’
2. Sherwood & Pinch Music Killer (Machinedrum Remix)-Music Killer
3. Jubei Feat. Flowdan-Say Nothin’ (Rockwell Remix)-Say Nothin’
4. Rockwell- Reverse Engineering-Lartsekrad (LARTSEKRAD)
5. Kahn and Neek-soundboy oblitorator-War dubs(soundcloud)
6. Nguzunguzu-Break In- Skycell EP
7. Four Tet-Kool FM (Container remix) Kool FM (Remixes)
8. Heatsick-Snakes & Ladders-Snakes & Ladders EP
9. Doc Daneeka-Trife Pt. II- Walk On In EP
10. Mark Pritchard-Fabulous Fred-Make A Livin’
11. 1991-Reborn Ice Horn-1991
12. JULIA HOLTER- In the Same Room
13. 2 Nice girls-Sweet Jane (With Affection)
14. Lou Reed & Metallica-Brandenburg Gate-Lulu
1. VOIDS – The Fear – (unreleased) IRE
2. LEWIS JAMES – Bonus Frog – (soundcloud) IRE
3. HUDSON MOHAWKE – Midas Girl Mashup – (self-released)
4. ACTION BRONSON – Contemporary Man – from ‘Blue Chips 2’ (self-released)
5. PUSHA T – Numbers On The Boards – from ‘My Name Is My Name’ (Def Jam Records)
6. T-WOC – Bruk Down The Walls – (unreleased) IRE
7. NIGHTWAVE – Vimana – from ‘Luxor EP’ (Heka Trax Records)
8. MYNAMEISJOHN & GRAEME S & GODKNOWS – Struggle – Struggle EP (bandcamp) IRE
9. JACKSON & HIS COMPUTERBAND – Vista (HUDSON MOHAWKE Remix) – from ‘GI Jane’ (Warp Records)
10. DEMDIKE STARE – Collision – Testpressing#1 – (Modern Love Records)

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