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Posted by homoludo on March 9th, 2008 filed in dubstep, hardcore, radio shows, spedupstep


This weeks show is based around the fact that one can mix pretty much anything with Dubstep. This elasiticity is what I like about it. So it’s a mix of one dubstep tune followed be something that isn’t and it doesn’t get more not dubstep then Kirsty McCall. It’s also about messing it up. In the last part I’m playing dubstep at 45, which I started doing ’cause it’s hard to buy good tunes in the 200bpm region. I’ve grown to like the sound and the idea that it’s a way out of the orthodoxy that can quickly grow up around a genre. It’s Ok most of the way, but there are some slips as I was tired from a six O’Clock start, college, and a beery evening with the lesbians after the International womens day march.



1. Conquest – Forever
2. Kirsty McCall – Mambo de luna -Mint royal remix (breakbeat pop)
3. G Squad – Assumptions -Skream remix
4. Luck and Neat – Irie – Beatfreaks remix(Speed garage)
5. Forsaken – Erstwhile rythym
6. Robert Hood -Minus(techno)
7. Skream -Chest Boxing
8. On Demand – Controlling remix(old hardcore)
9. I Don’t give a Dub
10. Tango and Ratty – Final Conflict(old hardcore)
11. Aaron Spectre- Music is a weapon
12. 4 hero – Journey to the light(old hardcore)
13. Trc – I need love ft Zoe(bassline)
14. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart – Skream remix
15. Various productions – Pitman(???)
16. Various productions – Monster(Electro Bassline/??)
17. Warrior Queen – Almighty father(dubstep)
18. Sticky ft Miss Dynamite – Boo!(Speed Garage)

SpedUpStep Section

19. Mundo & Lifted Mc – We bring murder
20. Movado -Dying (version)
21. Matt Green – True Lies
22. Dj Blaqstar – Shake it to the Ground (screwed)
23. Skream – Lightning (was skipping and couldn’t get it in)
24. Dizzy Rascal – Sirens Chase and Status remix
25. Vex’d – Fire
26. Vex’d – Pop Pop
27. Scuba – Respirator
28. Missy Eliot- Work it -instrumental
29. U-Roy and Francois keravokian- Rootsman

2 Responses to “PCPRadio Spedupstep”

  1. krossie Says:

    Not only is it technically easy once anyone hears more than 2 dubstep toooons in a row they could pass out from severe to terminal boredom so mixin’ it up seems a great idea

    – I think you sit it very well with 90s rave sir if you don’t mind me sayin so!!


  2. homoludo Says:

    I don’t mind in the slightest.

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