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Posted by homoludo on July 13th, 2008 filed in music, radio shows

Here’s a few A-force and I threw down. Starts of the with the massive ‘This is why I’m hot’ from Junior Reid, into a couple from the unstoppable Lil Wayne and into a selection of bassy hip hop and various styles of steppas.

junior reid

1. Junior Reid – This is Why I’m Hot

2. Esso Trinidad steel band – I want back

3. Lil Wayne – La la la la

4. lil wayne – lollipop – The kingdom remix

Available free here. The mixtapes very good also

5. Rustie – Spliff dub

6. Rusite- Just for kicks

7. lewi white – sideline

8. jazzsteppa – american b

9. starkey – dementia

10. More fire crew – Oi

11. lewi white and smasher -baxkin the day

12. Luck and Neat – Irie

13. Rustie- Pendulum

14. Stareky – kick push

15. Southern – fully loaded

16. Taz buck faster – Bumba

17. Forsaken – Boat Noodles

18. Optimuz and droid -area

19. super man mash with emalky

20. legalize it -??



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