Posted by homoludo on September 11th, 2008 filed in mashes, radio

Sixfoot Apprentice and I will be chatting with Aoife McIndie on her radio show The
Indiehour  tonight.

Its a 2-hr special all about remixes and mashups. So we’ll be playing some of our own stuff as well as a few of our favourites in the 1st hour.

Super Extra Bonus Party will be chatting and playing tunes from their upcoming remix album in the 2nd hour.
The Show’s on from 9pm and can be heard on 103.2 fm in Dublin and streaming here.

Here’s Aoife the presenter preparing to juggle five cans at the electric picnic.

Aoife indie hour

4 Responses to “Radioactivity”

  1. aoife mc Says:

    I’m such a pro. At juggling cans. Looking forward to talking to you this evening!

  2. homoludo Says:

    Did some juggling there myself, see you later.

  3. Cormy Says:

    Completely unrelated but I thought you might find it in’eresting.

  4. homoludo Says:

    That’s just the kind of thing I like – thank you.

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