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Posted by homoludo on September 19th, 2008 filed in music, radio shows

Me getting gramophied

The Wind up merchant -me getting all Gramophied in the Gramophone disco at the Electric picnic(with 2bit peeking out from behind the gramophone). More gramophone disco photos to follow. Thanks to Atary Flynn for the picture.

Catching up and posting some shows, a couple more in the bag to go up.

This has a classic remix of a tricky track mashed with an excellent 160 bpm breakcore(ish) tune from system drills  into a Mr Scruff tune. Then morphs into a kind of mutant electro/house/mash thing… didn’t  get the second half of the show due to hitting the space bar…

  1. Disrupt – Selassie I continuously
  2. Tricky – Brand new retro – Alex Resse remix
  3. System Drills – Eat the world
  4.  Mr Scruff- ???
  5. Rusite – Patrick Ewing
  6. Kraftwerk Bootleg – Dance with Numbers
  7. Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull- Sweat – Dre Skull’s Dusted Bass Mix
  8. Jenifer Warnes – Betty Davis Eyes- Diplo Mash
  9. Disco Noodles Vol 2-
  10. Bird peterson –
  11. Zomby – Liquid Dance hall


4 Responses to “PCPRadio Brand new retro”

  1. 2bit Says:

    That’s a lovely pic!

    My EP pix are up at:

  2. 2bit Says:

    Oh yeah, 78s for download:


  3. homoludo Says:

    Nice, Mr bit, good quality shots, will use some of these for a photo blog post I’ll be doing soon, if that’s ok with you?

  4. 2BiT Says:

    yep, just give a link over my way 😉

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