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Posted by homoludo on September 23rd, 2008 filed in hardcore, history, Irish bands, mashes, radio

nut and bolts

Aoife’s Indie hour. Six foot apprentice and I playing and being interviewed about mashes and remixes ‘n all. The second half features Super extra bonus party chatting and playing some the tunes from their upcoming remix album.

It’s available here .

Also the DIY special she did last week. A really great show – people who do – talking about and playing tunes from the past and present of DIY in Dublin/Ireland (slightly weird to think of it as a “scene”, it’s just the way it’s done, isn’t it?) and Adebisi Shank in for the last section playing tunes from their new one .

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  1. aoife mc Says:

    Hey PCP, cheers for links. Glad you enjoyed the DIY show, what a pleasure it was to do it. Such great people. I called it a scene for a want of a better word. The word ‘scene’ always makes me think of Nathan Barley and trendy shoes. Yeesh.

  2. homoludo Says:

    Cool, great show- wasn’t aiming the ‘scene’ thing at you, didn’t notice you saying it. It does get called that these days, while for me it’s the only way to get organised enough to have serious fun.
    Find My Way – Community btw – really good.

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