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pigs on a bike

Catching up on my back cases… Show from the week before the Electric picnic. Highlights here including a mad Remix of Dr. dre and Eminem, Joker’s 80’s west coast stylings, Tony Tetula’s  automotive woes, Dexorcists’ graphers anthem, my favourite Starkey tune since Kick push and lots of 4 x 4 action throughout.

Finishing with a tune from Moutpieces‘ new Album which is being given away on entry to the launch this afternoon in the Lower deck in Dublin, should be a great gig with punk tunes being spun into the night.

  1. Disrupt
  2. Yush 2K- Outlaw robot
  3. King cannibal-Badman near dark -Komanazmuk remix (Dubstep tune Pushed to 45)
  4. Tony Tetula -My car
  5. Wonder – ‘God’s Gift Intro’
  6. Dr Dre Ft. Eminem – ‘Forgot About Dre’ (Kraddy Remix) Both of these available in this great mix here
  7. kanji kenetic – Shut up
  8. Joker – Gullybrook lane
  9. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix
  10. Dexorcist – “Fatcap” (D Exe feat Kruie mix)
  11. Janner – The power of sound
  12. JME feat Trim and Skepta – Aiya nappa story (Trim telling a great story here)
  13. Dexorcist – Resurection- Dj Narious remix
  14. ??Defecta??
  15. Disrupt –
  16. Jazzsteppa – AmeriCa
  17. Rouge state – Big Tings A Gwarn Up Ere
  18. Kanji kenetic – Dance
  19. Micheal Forshaw – Work that party
  20. ??
  21. Starkey – Just a friend (nicked off Venom and Damage)
  22. Moutpiece – 24 Stella


Great tune that a friend from Nigeria turned me on to. It’s about the trouble that ensues when the Presidents calvalcade crashes into Tony’s car.

Tony Tetula-My Car


and just for fun taken off the Heatwave site, where there’s a lot of great tunes at the moment.

Timberlee -Heels


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  1. 2bit Says:

    Did you know that pigs go into a sort of coma if you lie them on their backs?
    I once saw a farmer on a Honda 50 with his wife and 3 full-size pigs strapped to the back…

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