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Douster – Triassic – zzk

Posted by homoludo on Oct 24 2009 Posted by homoludo on October 24th, 2009 filed in animation, Tropical, video
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From Ghetto BassquakeDouster with Triassic

I am the Pilot

Posted by homoludo on Nov 13 2008 Posted by homoludo on November 13th, 2008 filed in !Kaboogie, ai, animation, art, film, gigs, paranoia, video
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Linked below(it messes up this page if I put it here) a paranoid AI themed video from Eamon Crudden who I used to make films with. I saw it at the opening of the Irish museum of contemporary art last Friday. Other good live content was smSage a surveillance camera that speaks when you text it- ‘sex sex sex i see you i see you i see you sex sex sex fun’ it’s creators Tim and Ralph agree it would be fun while smoking fags outside a nightclub so I’ll try and organise that soon, maybe at the Bug and Warrior Queen next week. Also a performance by modular synth improv act Push,move,click was good craic, though not as much fun as Ken Grizzle’s speech. An inspiring rant against western tonality and the complexity of musical instruments saying how they should be as immediate as a marimba and playable by your granny- my fist was in air. They went on generate tones from a set up that probably cost about twenty grand and looked like an aircraft control room. Run grannies run!

Click on the image to watch the film.

i am the pilot

The !K Club

I’m going back to back with Richie K and Konspiracy tonight at the !k club.
*DEFEKT (deadbeat)
*AUTOMATIC TASTY (acroplane)
*…and !K Club Residents.
Downstairs in Thomas Reads,
Dame Street, Dublin 2.

The Dream of the ridiculous man

Posted by homoludo on Mar 14 2008 Posted by homoludo on March 14th, 2008 filed in animation, history, video
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Thinking about complicity and “more bigger snacks now!” etc. I remembered this animation, seen as a teenager on late night Channel 4, when they used to show a lot of animation from around the world as opposed to plastic surgery and diets . I googled my memory of it(see earlier post on Google and memory), which was that it was a Dostoevsky story and painted on glass , and hey presto here it is –

by Alexander Petrov

link to the Ridiculous

While feeling animation; dark but light – the work of David Firth – here’s a link to the brilliant Salad fingers. Great sound design as well.

If you don’t know him Check him out, really.

link to salad finger animation

And Ryan by Chris Landreth. A technically amazing film about a down and out animator. Brings to mind the talented ravers I knew who didn’t find a better life through chemistry.

link to chris landreth's animation Ryan