The Dream of the ridiculous man

Posted by homoludo on March 14th, 2008 filed in animation, history, video

Thinking about complicity and “more bigger snacks now!” etc. I remembered this animation, seen as a teenager on late night Channel 4, when they used to show a lot of animation from around the world as opposed to plastic surgery and diets . I googled my memory of it(see earlier post on Google and memory), which was that it was a Dostoevsky story and painted on glass , and hey presto here it is –

by Alexander Petrov

link to the Ridiculous

While feeling animation; dark but light – the work of David Firth – here’s a link to the brilliant Salad fingers. Great sound design as well.

If you don’t know him Check him out, really.

link to salad finger animation

And Ryan by Chris Landreth. A technically amazing film about a down and out animator. Brings to mind the talented ravers I knew who didn’t find a better life through chemistry.

link to chris landreth's animation Ryan

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