!Kaboogie Sampler megamix

Posted by homoludo on February 10th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, Irish producers, mashes, mixtapes, music

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Here’s a mix of some of the tunes from the recent rough !Kaboogie Sampler of Irish beats. I did it a few weeks ago for the radio, but the cd deck kept messing up so it kept getting held over. I thought I’d better post it before it’s old news. There are some gratuitous tracks  -  Kid Cudi, the amazing farmers anthem from Collie Buddz and some Irish tracks that aren’t on the sampler, but you get the idea.



  1. Gash_Up -The Banker- Masher/Editor/Arranger
  2. Lazy Squan  – Kachanski
  3. Leiden Ex – Cignol
  4. Loom – Solen
  5. Beer, Vermouth & Gin (Big Instrument) Piero Umiliani
  6. Skuff D Boxcutter
  7. Stringaling 2-Bit  Mash/w
  8.  The Prayer KiD CuDi
  9. Herb Tree -Collie Buddz
  10. Embrace The Martian- KiD CuDi  mash/w DJ scotch egg
  11. Dek Rudder – Bluefood mash/w
  12. Load it – Prince Kong (thug)

3 Responses to “!Kaboogie Sampler megamix”

  1. Sixfoot Apprentice Says:

    tasty mix colm, nice one.

    the kachanski/cignol and the bluefood/prince kong ones are class!

  2. Inflatable Bed · Says:

    my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song ”

  3. Combi Boilers %0A Says:

    i like the songs of Kid Cudi because they are a bit emotional and kinda hip ~**

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