Ireland – Zombie Nation( an instant film response to the headless chickens coming home)

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A company that remains in business even though it is technically bankrupt and almost surely headed for the graveyard. –Finance dictionary

If you think it’s bad now,  wait until all the undead houses around villages in Ireland  descend on the cities screaming ‘Brains!’

Here’s a new film (finished last night) by Eamonn Crudden on the spectres of gombeenism.

Large screen here.

Tagline-Zombies roam a republic of the undead.

In this schlock-horror commentary on the collapse of the Irish economy, the inhabitants of a rural hinterland begin to feel the weight of the dead hand of the housing market.

Set in the notorious ghost estates of post ‘tiger’ Ireland, the film features Dennis Hopper as the voice of Brian (Brains) Ahern.

‘Brains’ is the overseer of a particularly gory property price collapse on ‘Fiddler’s Green’. He reckons he can clean up as a result of creeping zombification but his plans take on a zero-sum logic of their own.

To save himself from the killing floor that results, Brains attempts to turn his minions against each other but finds to his horror that control of the vicious cycle of blood and price drops has slipped from his greedy, grasping fingers.

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  1. eamonn Says:

    Oh and you forgot to mention the zombie nation mix is yours!

  2. homoludo Says:

    It’s in the credits for the attentive

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