Keep it for the birds and bees

Posted by homoludo on April 14th, 2009 filed in free music, music, Twitter

Is anybody else noticing that a lot of the best music is free at the moment?

Here’s an example from today by Ricorb via Kanji Kinetic

AC Slater – Hello- ricorb befriends kim jong-il remix.



There’s a rich seam over at scenexscience‘s blog and all over the place if you dig.

It’s  a big deal.  It relates to this.

3 Responses to “Keep it for the birds and bees”

  1. chris beale Says:

    defo geting some amazing trax for free atm, amazing!
    this track is a prime example of the shit im geting into, heart felt techno, bot of bass/dubstep topped off nicely with the artists style…amok!
    only thing is i cant figure out how to download it lol…bet u av made it unloadable just to piss us off!

  2. chris beale Says:

    still trying to get this tune, av tried other websites too, how can i get this?
    excuse me if im being slow but i realy cant figure out how to get it!

  3. homoludo Says:


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