Mash of the Week 17# Daft Diana

Posted by homoludo on April 17th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, mash of the week, mashes, music

Robot Diana ross

Just heard Chic are playing the Electric picnic this year, oh yeah!

And in cheesy link fashion, here’s 2Bit‘s mash of the Dianna Ross’s Upside down(written and produced by Chic’s original blingers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards) and Daft punk’s Da Funk.

2BiT-Daft Diana – Double D Mash



2 Responses to “Mash of the Week 17# Daft Diana”

  1. Graverobbers Says:

    Great track!

    check this out these Kanye and Chromeo remixes we did.

  2. eamonn Says:

    jaysus from sublime to ridiculous
    that is a serious picture

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