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from Bok Bok over at lower end spasm

Several weeks ago DJ Oneman started streaming live sets from his bedroom at www.ustream.tv/channel/yard-sessions. With little or no prior notice he would hit the stream button and jump in the mix, only after announcing it on Twitter of course. Oneman coined the term “yardsessions” for these broadcasts, and when I saw that I knew he was on to something.

I had to borrow the idea from him.

So – a yardcast is a spontaneous home/studio broadcast. It’s is a phase-shift in braodcasting, what the emergence of interent radio was to FM stations.
But unlike the (relatively!) clockwork rotas of Rinse and Sub FM, the yardcast format is less like a radio show and more like a live event. It may be dissembodied, but what the ‘event’ of the yardcast loses in physicality it gains in universal accesiblity. We’re not limited by budgets, venue curfews, commercial concerns or geographic location. Everyone can join in this party.
Unlike the institutional regidity of station broadcasts, a yardcast slots perfectly alongside tweets and status updates into the real-time continuous, ongoing stream of discourse.

That’s the pompous, but nontheless important part over.
The rest is a big all-day party you’re all invited to.

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