PCPRadio Maroc 26 Jan 08

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poster in a shop in Marrakesh

I was over in Marrakesh for a few day over New years. I was a bit daunted by the prospect of standing listening to hours of Enya-like local music at one of the stalls selling best of Maroc Cd’s, when what I wanted was beats and Hip hop. Following my nose through the souk, I had the good fortune to hear some beats coming out of a shoe salesman’s shop. I stood listening for a while and when I made it clear that it wasn’t shoes I was interested in, we got down to listening to some tunes – he watching my face to see what I was nodding along to, then we got down to some bartering. This weeks show is based around the cd’s he sold me. Also some Soot records stuff (featuring some of the same rappers on the cd’s I bought) Muslimgauze and bits and pieces. Thank you shoe salesman!

I particularly like 3Awd Lil’s (the black horse) tunes. It turns out his lyrics are amazing also. I’ll post on him during the week- with some translations and add some links and info to this post.


1. Imams prayer
2. Muslimgauze – Death of Saint Jarnaii Singh Bindranwale
3. 3awd lil – Fine tout fine
4. Mutamusic – Show 2 show(dj rupture remix)
5. 3awd lil – Samia wi laglia
6. Mutamusix – Imagrints on course
7. 3awd lil- Raw daw
8. Magoa Bo feat Bigg – 3Akel Dr das remix
9. Mutamusic- Babomb
10. Le Micro Brise le Silence -Hakmet_aa_chaabi
11. Aaron Spectre – Botan Rice breaks
12. Maga Bo – Nakhil feat K-Libre Nettle remix
13. Tube jerk –
14. Piste 08 (don’t have title for this one, will try and get some info)
15. Muslimgauze – A Small Intricate Box, which contains Died Blue Opium Marzipan
16. EL Handi I-l’aaàchik
17. Fnaire-Reggaerap
18. Fas city clen – (re. info see above)
19. chahid!!s
20. Djalti – Ya moulate khimare
21. Bigg – Aklia (mkawad remix)
22. Piste – (ibid)
23. Khaled – Adieu



Orange cart Marrakesh

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  1. Cormy Says:

    “In 1924 the British magazine Gramophone playfully warned of ‘gramomania’ alerting readers to its ‘insidious approach, its baneful effects, its ability to destroy human delights’. Two years later, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Phonography Monthly Review asked readser to recount their most dire sacrifices in the name of grooved shellac.”

    From Capturing Sound: How Technology Has Changed Music by Mark Katz, p10.

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