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Skepta Ft Giggs- Look Out

Posted by homoludo on May 28 2009 Posted by homoludo on May 28th, 2009 filed in grime, video
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Maybe not as good as Gigg’s best(Walk in da Park is large), but still nice n’  nasty low slung biznizz.

Irish fact or science fiction?- WALLETS FULL OF BLOOD: ZOMBIE BANKER BLUES

Posted by homoludo on May 08 2009 Posted by homoludo on May 8th, 2009 filed in mixtapes, music, recession, science fiction, the future, video, zombies
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More zombie banker madness.

This time- The  auditor tells the tale. He’s hiding out in one of the few sanctuaries which remain, he spills the beans on the inhuman practices which led to the collapse, how- Scientists, troops and more auditors arrive from abroad to investigate the total collapse of a small Republic.

They’re looking for ‘Fingers’. His actions had hastened the spiral of the country into a bottomless liquidity trap. They want to interrogate him.
Large screen here.

Alone in the bunker the Auditor dances a zombie jig –

Zombie Sex Fiend mix


Durrty Goodz and Gaybriel Heatwave tonight

Posted by homoludo on Mar 20 2009 Posted by homoludo on March 20th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, gigs, video
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Getting Durrty Goodz and Gaybriel Heatwave over tonight for the best of grime, dancehall and bashment .

For an idea of Goodz’ amazing flow and sound  check this live recording he did on Kiss fm


And his piss take of the electro grime fad

Durrty Goodz- More 2 da floor


Playing on the night with him is Gaybriel Heatwave. He played the Noting Hill carnival with Goodz and they often collaberate. The heatwave blog is one of the best online for Dancehall nuggets and news.

Like this

Collie Buddz -Herb Tree


Also tonight, I’m mashing  my knickers up in preparation for playing with Girltalk tonight in ALT. Just heard I have a way longer set than I thought and will be feeding the animals after Girl Talk’s set. See you in either venue.

donkism #2

Posted by homoludo on Feb 22 2009 Posted by homoludo on February 22nd, 2009 filed in donk, music, video
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Mmm, lovely steroids. The rest is here

Should one post when drunk?

Posted by homoludo on Feb 21 2009 Posted by homoludo on February 21st, 2009 filed in music, video

Got from Birdseed .

Ireland – Zombie Nation( an instant film response to the headless chickens coming home)

Posted by homoludo on Feb 19 2009 Posted by homoludo on February 19th, 2009 filed in mixtapes, recession, video, zombies


A company that remains in business even though it is technically bankrupt and almost surely headed for the graveyard. –Finance dictionary

If you think it’s bad now,  wait until all the undead houses around villages in Ireland  descend on the cities screaming ‘Brains!’

Here’s a new film (finished last night) by Eamonn Crudden on the spectres of gombeenism.

Large screen here.

Tagline-Zombies roam a republic of the undead.

In this schlock-horror commentary on the collapse of the Irish economy, the inhabitants of a rural hinterland begin to feel the weight of the dead hand of the housing market.

Set in the notorious ghost estates of post ‘tiger’ Ireland, the film features Dennis Hopper as the voice of Brian (Brains) Ahern.

‘Brains’ is the overseer of a particularly gory property price collapse on ‘Fiddler’s Green’. He reckons he can clean up as a result of creeping zombification but his plans take on a zero-sum logic of their own.

To save himself from the killing floor that results, Brains attempts to turn his minions against each other but finds to his horror that control of the vicious cycle of blood and price drops has slipped from his greedy, grasping fingers.

(post)Modern Milli

Posted by homoludo on Feb 08 2009 Posted by homoludo on February 8th, 2009 filed in riddim, theory, video
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from Wayneandwax with the boys getting into theory in the comments and also here with Birdseed taking apart a milli’s structure. The instrumental is even better.
From here with lots of comments. While I’m on the subject here’s a freestyle on the milli riddim.[audio:/amilli_freestyle.mp3]


Posted by homoludo on Jan 31 2009 Posted by homoludo on January 31st, 2009 filed in difference, history, video
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I’m kind of with the Taoists on the dangers of easy sentiment, but this is  hard to resist, and at least it’s a new sentiment.


Posted by homoludo on Jan 17 2009 Posted by homoludo on January 17th, 2009 filed in Bassline, donk, video
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A genre of one tune or maybe two

I thought everybody had seen this but realised if my mate krossie hadn’t, some people may not have. Enjoy.

Ireland’s Own

Posted by homoludo on Jan 08 2009 Posted by homoludo on January 8th, 2009 filed in funky, Irish producers, mixtapes, music, video

Ireland's own

Here are some quality Irish tunes from 2Bit and Automatic Tasty. 2Bit’s ‘Ifer’ is available  for free download here.

Automatic Tasty has an album out on Acroplane here. The tune below ‘Little blue car’ is driving me mad ’cause its melody reminds me of a tv theme tune(a book voucher for anybody who indentifies it, I gave up after a couple of hours, not spectrum enough I suppose).

Automatic -Tasty Little Blue Car

In other Irish news,  from the Clare People – “Lisdoonvarna double act Drugzilla are Clare People Interactive’s Clare Artist’s of the year…(they)bring underground to a whole new level and have won a massive international following for their experimental hardcore songs about drinking cider and Buckfast.” Hope to have them at our new run of gigs(more on these soon) in McGruders in April.

Drugzilla – On a Mission from a Hippie in a Van

Also a good mix of funky (newish UK house/bass variant) below from Colz. What I like about the mix is that is forefronts the riddim-ness(in the dancehall sense) of funky. It also includes by far my fav funky tune so far, Hard house Banton’s “sirens”.

Dj Colz New year funky mix


1 Bakongo – Uncle Bakongo
2 Sirens – Hard House Banton
3 Gabryelle Refix – D Malice
4 I Wish – X5 featuring Teresa
5 Makonde – Uncle Bakongo
6 Feeline – Roska
7 The Print – Fingerprint
8 Dub Boy – Funky Underground
9 Turbulence – Jalla
10 Inflation – Crazy Cousinz
11 Quicktime – DJ Naughty
12 Changes – DJ Mystery
13 Green Light – Footsteps
14 Baga – Uncle Bakongo
15 Big Life – Colz

While I’m posting UK vids, here’s the low slung and menacing ‘Da Hardest’ from Giggs. Who made some of the best grime of last year.