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PCPRaidio – The Agent’s January Back Cases -The Pigeons Were Disruptive

Posted by homoludo on Feb 11 2013 Posted by homoludo on February 11th, 2013 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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artist song label album

1. Peep show The Killing, an iPad and everything bbc na
2. Madteo Ratskeller Sahko Recordings Noi No
3. Heatsick Cest etait Un Rendez-vous Pan Deviation
4. Joe MB Hemlock Recordings MB / Studio Power On
5. Madteo Rugrats Don’t Techno for an Answer Sahko Recordings Noi No
6. Jeremih fuck u all the time remix (Shlohmo Remix)
7. Heatsick Deviation Pan Deviation
8. Bee Mask PINK DRINQ Spectrum Spools When We Were Eating Unripe Pears
9. Arca Brokeup UNO NYC Stretch 2
10. Fis Wise Man 14 Songs The Best of 2012: Part Two
11. Jason Lescalleet Old Theme Erstwhile Records Songs About Nothing
12. Madteo Il Capoline Sahko Recordings Noi No
13. Container Paralyzed Digitalis LP
14. Andy Stott Up the box Modern Love Luxury Problems
15. Kahn & Neek Backchat Hotline Recordings Backchat / Dubchat
16. Altered Natives Bhuuumbahcleeeeet Eye4Eye Recordings Tenement Yard Vol 3
17. Choir Of Downside School, Purley – Derrick Herdman Britten: Friday Afternoons, Op. 7 – Cuckoo! Decca Benjamin Britten – A Ceremony Of Carols
18. ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid American Recordings La Futura


  1. ACTION BRONSON – “Unknown” (from Untitled Mixtape)
  2. MYNAMEISJOHN – “Sirhan Sirhan” (from ‘The Focussing Effect’ on StressDebtChestPains’ Bandcamp site) IRE
  3. THATBOYTIM – “Seasonally Adjusted” (from ‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’ on Takeover Records) IRE
  4. OFFSHORE “Downer” (from ‘Bake Haus’ on Ninja Tune Records)
  5. SIMON BIRD – “Baltimore Drowning” (from ‘Sport’ on Simon Bird’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  6. LEMONADA – “Badzooka” (from Lemonada’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  7. YURODNY – “Balkantown (ZOID Remix)” (Unreleased) IRE
  8. OFFSHORE – “Slip” (from ‘Bake Haus’ on Ninja Tune Records)
  9. LAKKER – “Lippu (WELFARE Remix)” (from Lakker’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  10. BRICK & MORTAR – “Move To The Ocean (BAAUER Remix)” (from Baauer’s Soundcloud site)
  11. MYNAMEISJOHN – “Eh Oh Yo” (from ‘The Focussing Effect’ on StressDebtChestPains’ Bandcamp site) IRE


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artist song label album
1. Kahn & Neek- Backchat- Hotline Recordings- Backchat / Dubchat
2. Andy Stott -Up the box- Modern Love- Luxury Problems
3. Kahn & Neek -Percy- Bandulu- BANDULU001
4. Preditah -The Beat Skipped- Preditah Music- Gears Of Grime EP
5. Bloom- Quartz -Gobstopper Records-Quartz
6. Kahn -Fierce- Bandulu -BANDULU001
7. Ruff Sqwad- Anna -No Hats No Hoods-Guns & Roses Vol 1
8. Riko Dan- Ice Rink -Wiley Kat – Ice Rink Vocal EP 1
9. J Beatz -Bubble Gum -12/12/12 EP
10. Preditah- Circles -EARTH616 -Circles – EP
11. Preditah -Overdose -EARTH616 -Circles – EP
12. Kahn -Dread -Deep Medi- Dread
13. Decibe-l M_S_T- TECTONIC- Decibel ep
14. Dizzee Rascal Ft. Sharkey Major & Wiley -I Luv U (Remix)- XL- I Luv U
15. Shackleton-  Wish You Better -WOE TO THE SEPTIC HEART!- Drawbar Organ
16. Zomby -Rumours and Revolutions -BRAiNMATH- Rumours and Revelations
18. Lil Silva- Shutter -Club Constructions Vol. 2 -Night Slugs
19. J Beatz -Mutant-  12/12/12 EP
20. Preditah-  Evil Twin- Preditah Music-  Gears Of Grime EP
21. Dismantle & Hizzleguy-  Tryna Test – Tryna Test EP
22. DJ Q-  All Junglist-  Unknown To The Unknown – All Junglist EP
23. Pete Swanson – A&Ox0 – Type Recordings – Man With Potential
24. Sensate Focus – Y-  PAN  – Deviation Heat-treated

PCPRaidio My Life in the Techno Cult & Set Theory

Posted by homoludo on Feb 03 2013 Posted by homoludo on February 3rd, 2013 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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PCPRaidio My Life in the Techno Cult 


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artist song label album
1. Robert Hood -The Exodos- Music Man -Motor: Nighttime World 3
2. Diamond Version -Sense of Urgency- Mute -EP 3
3. DeFeKT -Bring back CV -Signal Code -Switch Ep
4. Soundhack- Untitled 1 -Soundhack- Soundhack #1
5. Soundhack- Untitled 2-  Soundhack -Soundhack #1
6. Substance & Vainqueur- Immersion -Scion -Surface / Immersion
7. Joy Orbison -Ellipsis (Head High remix)- Hinge Finger- Ellipsis
8. Soundhack -Devils Run- Soundhack- 10th Anniversary E.P.
9. KW GRIFF -Bring_in_the_Katz_featuring_Pork_Chop- Night Slugs- Bring_in_the_Katz
10. Mr Mitch – Super_Freak -Gobstopper Records -Trash Wax/Super Freak
11. Soundhack -Soundhack- 002- Soundhack EP2
12. Personable- Spontaneous Generation -Peak Oil -Spontaneous Generation
13. I:Cube- Popular Electronics- “M” Megamix -Versatile Records
14. I:Cube -In Alpha -“M” Megamix -Versatile Records
15. Andres -New For U – New For U
16. Diamond Version- Turn On Tomorrow- Mute- EP 3
17. Urban Tribe -Her- Trust- Social Engineering
18. Diamond Version -Turn On Tomorrow (Version)- Mute -EP 3
19. Substance & Vainqueur -Surface -Scion -Surface / Immersion
20. Robert Hood -Slow Motion Katrina -Music Man -Motor: Nighttime World 3
21. Emptyset- Collapse -Raster Noton -Ununhexium / Collapsed
22. Container -Perforate- Digitalis -LP
23. Robert Hood -Torque -Music Man – Motor: Nighttime World 3




Download or click for mobile 

artist song label album
1. Jar Moff -Commercial Mouth -Pan -Commercial Mouth
2. Loin FX- Drone assassin_loud- unreleased
3. Emptyse-t Armature -Raster Noton- Ununhexium / Collapsed
4. Death Grips- Bass rattle stars out the sky- Self Released- NO LOVE DEEP WEB
5. Container- Dripping -Spectrum Spools LP
6. Sculpture- Untiltled B- DIGITALIS- Slime Code
7. Powell- Rider -Death of Rave -Untitled
8. Kassem Mosse -Staat Aus Glas- Sound of the Universe -Staat Aus Glas EP
9. MPIA3- Acid Badger- R&S -Your Orders
10. Dark Sky- Shutter Speed -50 WEAPONS -Myriam EP
11. Emptyset -Point- Raster Noton
12. Bantum -Fedora feat. Margie Lewis -Band Camp- Legion
13. Eomac- No Name- Killekill -Spoock ep


1. BRICK & MORTAR – Move To The Ocean – BAAUER Remix (from Baauer’s soundcloud site)

2. AK KIDS – Soft Touch (from ‘Shree Bang Special’ on Bad Acid Records)

3. GINUWINE – Pony – HEROBUST Remix (from ‘This Is So Random’ on Egyptian Maracas Records)

4. RIVER OF SLIME – Volume 1 – S-TYPE Remix (from ‘Volume 1 EP’ on Phuturelabs Records)

5. THE HOOD INTERNET – Goooo In Paris – TNGHT x JAY Z & KANYE WEST (from The Hood Internet’s soundcloud site)

6. RUSTIE – Dragonfly (from ‘Sunburst EP’ on Warp Records)

7. TNGHT – R U Ready (Unreleased)

8. DEATH GRIPS – Fever Aye Aye (from ‘The Money Store’ on Epic Records)

9. GUN SELECTAH – Como Un Perro (from ‘Gun Selectah EP’ on Friends Of Friends Records)

10. RUBY GOE – Get On It – EAN Remix (from EAN’s soundcloud site)

11. LETHAL DIALECT – Keep It Real – DEVIANT Remix (Unreleased) IRE

12. BUSTA RHYMES – As I Come Back – VIBESQUAD Remix (from ‘Remix Mashers Volume 2’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)

13. NAS & DAMIEN MARLEY – As We Enter – VIBESQUAD Remix (from ‘Remix Mashers Volume 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)

14. MANUS GOAN – Party n Bullshit – (Unreleased) IRE


PCPRaidio Gaypan

Posted by homoludo on Nov 21 2012 Posted by homoludo on November 21st, 2012 filed in radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice, Uncategorized
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PCPRaidio Gaypan

Download or click to play


Artist Song


1. Unknown– WhiteLabel
2. Mike WiLL & Ryan Cameron Speak) Feat. Jeremih -773 Love
3. Aesop Rock -Leisureforce
4. Seekersinternational -LargeItUp_version_2
5. Holy Other –  In_Difference
6. Marina Minerva -The_Sound
7. E 40  Feat. YG, IamSu & Problem- Function
8. Aesop Rock-   Racing Stripes
9. Sd_Laika 5-Spaceman_Piff_Visionist_Remix_Visionist_Remix
10. Back To The Basics Feat. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka (Waka Flocka Speaks)
11. Decibel – M_S_T_
12. Terror_Danjah – Dark_Crawler
13. Decibel – Miss
14. Sd_Laika – Tropic_Of_Capricorn
15. Powell – Search
16. Holy Other-   Where


  1. FLYING BUTTRESSES – “God Laws (SIXFOOT APPRENTICE Remix)” (from ‘Orson Welles EP’ on Flying Buttresses’ Bandcamp site) IRE
  2. MONTO – “All Is Well” (from ‘Best Boy EP’ on Melted Music) IRE
  3. DANNY BROWN – “Blunt After Blunt (3:33 Remix)” (from 3:33’s Soundcloud site)
  4. KONE – “Marijuana” (from Kone’s Bandcamp site)
  5. GASLAMP KILLER & DAEDELUS – “Impulse” (from ‘Breakthrough’ on Brainfeeder Records)
  6. ACTION BRONSON & METABEATS – “Hookers” (from Metabeats’ Soundcloud site)
  7. TYLER THE CREATOR – “French” (from ‘Bastard’ on Odd Future Records)
  8. CITIES AVIV – “Coastin” (from Cities Aviv’s Bandcamp site)
  9. KARA KARA – “Sky Is Falling” (from Kara Kara’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  10. LIONFX – “Lion Dance” (from ‘How A Kid From The Hood Became The Lord Of A Galaxy’ on Boy Scout Audio) IRE
  11. SPACE RAIDERS – “Cutters Choice” (from ‘Big Beat Classics Vol. 1 on Skint Records)


Posted by homoludo on Oct 05 2011 Posted by homoludo on October 5th, 2011 filed in !Kaboogie, !Kaboogie Records, Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice, Uncategorized
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 Read this to understand why I’ve not posted in a while.

Artwork from Clap you Hands part 1&2, out on Vinyl on  New Irish label Maigret Records.

This weeks show  featuring  new Irish releases from; Eomac, Twoc,  Lrd Jxn, Lecs Luther, Deviant/Sert one, Jinx Lennon, Hunter Gatherer , a Demo from Captain Moonlight (which I love for the Crass sample) and more. Written like that the quality of current Irish beats and lyrical invention jumps out. Unusually. Lets hope it continues.

Also Rustie’s new album kills like this


Download or click for devices

Artist                      song                        album               label

1.    KID KEYBOARD     Blunts In The Night    Video Games And Blunts    No Lable DL
2.    TWOC     Sam’s Brake    Jetstar EP    Alphabet Set(forthcoming) IRL
3.    BEYONCE FEAT JAY Z    Crazy in Love( Dj Finesse mix)    Urban hits 14     Bootleg
4.    TWOC     Work all day     Jetstar EP    Alphabet Set(forthcoming) IRL
5.    CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT    Love divine    Demo    Demo(forthcoming) IRL
6.    EOMAC     Clap Your Hands Pt2     Clap Your Hands EP    Magrait Recordings IRL
7.    CONTAINER     Overflow    LP    Spectrum Spools
8.    NOCHEXXX    Charro    Savage Herald / Charro    Ramp Recording
9.    FRANK VIGROUX FEAT KENJI SIRATORI    blanked out with black marker like an old 12″ ’cause it’s a such a killer and nobody else had it-  Récolte    d’autre cordes records
10.    RUSTIE    Death Mountain    Glass Swords    Warp
11.    TEETH     Shawty    Shawty EP    502 recordings
12.    MAIN ATTRACTIONS     MishkaNYC – Take 1 (feat. A$AP Rocky) -prod. by Clams Casino-    Self released/bandcamp
13.    RUSTIE    Surph    Glass Swords    Warp


14. HUNTER GATHERER – Risen (from Hunter Gatherer bandcamp site) IRL
15. JONWAYNE – Just A Minute (from Jonwayne website)

16.JINX LENNON – Probably Better Off (from Hungry Bastard Hibernia on Jinx Lennon bandcamp) IRL
17.EPIGON ADM – Escalators (from The Value Of Things on Foot In Mouth website) IRL
18.BLU – Doin Nothin (from NoYork on Warner Records)
19.BENITO – Caffeine (from Benito soundcloud site)
20.DEVIANT – Overheard (SERT ONE Remix) (from Send In The Hounds on Community Skratch Music) IRL
21.GHOSTFUNK – Mighty Agho (from Ghostfunk website)
22.LECS LUTHER – Dia Dhuit (from Lecs Luther soundcloud site) IRL
23.GANGSTARR – The Squeeze (MONTO Remix) (from Monto soundcloud site) IRL
24.LRD JXN – Strobe Light Lovely (from Wuja Wuja Wah EP on !Kaboogie Records) IRL
25. CO.FEE – Firework Spraying Moon (from Co.fee soundcloud site)
26.FANCY MIKE – Hikikimori (from Fancy Mike soundcloud site)


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                                  ARTIST – TRACK-ALBUM -LABEL-

1.    JAMIE XX – Far Nearer – Far Nearer EP- NUMBERS
2.    T WILLIAMS -Heartbeat (Paul Woolford Rewurq)-Heartbeat ep-Local Action
3.    T WILLIAMS – Heartbeat (Instrumental) Heartbeat ep-Local Action
4.    ORIOL – Memories- Night & Day – Planet Mu
5.    GLASSER_-_Tremel_(Astronomer_remix)-Blog release- Get it here – The Fader
6.    ACTRESS Maze_Long_version –Paint,Straw, Bubbles – Honest Jon’s Records
7.    JOHN MAUS  – Believer
7a.   PURSUIT GROOVES -Clueless–Frantically Hopeful- TECTONIC
8.    OM UNIT -The_Timps_Hrdvsion_Remix-The Timps ep- CIVIL MUSIC
9.    SHED –Estrang- Shedding the Past- OSTGUTON
10.    EMPTYSET – Point- Demiurge– Subtext
10a PILAS -Burros-Burros ep- Shaddock
11.    PURSUIT GROOVES -Bedazzled–Frantically Hopeful- TECTONIC
12.    PURSUIT GROOVES –Revolutionaries –Frantically Hopeful- TECTONIC
13.    EMPTYSET – Tangent  -Demiurge – Subtext

Sixfoot Apprentice
14.    THE IDIOTS – “I Should Go” (from ‘The Idiots’ on Dirt Records). IRE.
15.    DELS – “Capsize (feat. Joe Goddard and Roots Manuva)” (from ‘Gob’ on Big Dada Records).
16.    MARTY PARTY – “Come With Me” (from ‘The Purple Album’ on Marty Party Records).
17.    VIBESQUAD – “As We Are” (from ‘Remix Mashers Vol 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site).
18.    MANUS GOAN – “Superstition Remix” (unreleased). IRE.
19.    LAZER SWORD – “Dirty Indusrty (feat. Buddy Leezle)” (unreleased).
20.    BOSCO DELREY – “My My Racecar” (from ‘Space Junky’ on Mad Decent Records).
21.    HOT 8 BRASS BAND – “Sexual Healing” (from ‘Rock With The Hot 8’ on Tru Thoughts Records).
22.    ED DEVANE – “Squib (Meljoann Remix)” (from ‘Squib Remixes’ on Takeover Recordings). IRE.
23.    TOADALLY KROSSED OUT – “Toad’s Theme 2012” (from ‘Toadally Krossed Out EP’ on Mad Decent Records).
24.    HUDSON MOHAWKE – “Thunder Bay” (from ‘Satin Panthers EP’ on Warp Records).
25.    PRGZ – “Hood Celebrity (Diplo Remix)” (from ‘Fear & Loathing In Hunts Vegas’ on Mad Decent Records).
26.    BURUNDI BLACK – “First Part” (from “Burundi Black” on Decca Records).

PCPRaidio Another City

Posted by homoludo on Nov 26 2010 Posted by homoludo on November 26th, 2010 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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This weeks show, Sixfoot Aprentince and I.  My set starting of with a sample about being Irish at the moment , into dark dub house into house into  swung techno and funky.

Download and Mobile Devices

PCPRaidio – Another City


Tracklist here for my bit (for those like me that don’t listen to mixes with no tracklist) at 23.50 mins in , will put up Sixfoot’s and fix up this post a bit shortly.

Sixfoot Apprentice
DEFEKT – ‘Replicants Mind’ (from ‘Stimulus EP’ on Takeover Recordings) IRE
DIGGER – ‘Brookfiled Grime (Scheme Boy Remix)’ (from ‘Brookfiled Grime EP’ on Second Square To None Records) IRE
SARSPARILLA – ‘Dirty Road House Dancing’ (unreleased) IRE
AUTOMATIC TASTY – ‘Through The Ascii House (Alien Hand Remix)’ (from ‘World Wide Web’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
Q-LAZZARUS – ‘Goodbye Horses’ (from ‘Goodbye Horses EP’ on All Nations Records)
2nd bit…>>>

Sample from Martin Scorsese’s The Departed
Veil – Eat the World – System Drills Vol 1 – Test Conditions
Raime -Retread -Raim ep -Blackest ever Black
These New Puritans – Hologram (Salem Remix)  – Domino
Various Productions- Track 1(house track) Keep her Keen ep (Been playin’  this for a couple of years and only now realise it’s Actress Lost, oops, come to think of it realised a year ago and then forgot, the vinyl has no track list…-Varioius Recordings
Jimmy Edgar – One Twenty Detail v3
Giorgio Moroder – E=Mc2 – E=Mc2 (1979)
Mike Monday and Will Saul- Small_Moments   – Sequence 1 ep -Aus Music
Nochexxx – Ritalin_Love  -Ramp
Mike Monday and Will Saul-Sequence 1  – Sequence 1 ep – Aus Music
Altered Natives -What Life Once Was
Basic_Soul_Unit_-_Jak’d_Freq- A_Made_Up_Sound_-_Acid_bonus remix -Creme Organisation
SEROCEE – Badeng! (MJ Cole remix) Badeng!
Cooly g-Phat_Si

sixfoot A
T-WOC – ‘Good Father’ (from ‘Good Father 7’ on All City Records) IRE
ROLLERSKATERS – ‘Sleep Tight’ (Star Slinger Remix) (from ‘Remixes 2010’ on Star Slinger bandcamp)
ALPINE – ‘Icy Poles’ (Star Slinger Remix) (from ‘Remixes 2010’ on Star Slinger bandcamp)
BOSCO DELREY – ‘Space Junky’ (from ‘Space Junky’ on Mad Decent Records)
MESSIAH J & THE EXPERT – ‘Something Outta Nothing’ (from ‘Now This I Have To Hear’ on Inaudible Records) IRE
NIAMH DE BARRA – ‘His Own Drum’ (from ‘Cusp EP’ on Second Square To None Records) IRE

Also playing at in the Dublin Conservitive Club tonight and at this tomorrow.

Info and links etc here

PCPRaidio Intensified Brain Melt

Posted by homoludo on Nov 20 2010 Posted by homoludo on November 20th, 2010 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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This weeks show starting off with Aul Wan’s grim tale of penury and loneliness which suits what’s going on in Ireland this week. Other Irish tunes in my bits include tropical drum and bass from Welfare, top Irish electro from Negatron , Speed and Acid munching experimental techno anthem Brain Your Melt from Ed Devane amongst others. Sixfoot’s set includes mad Italians Adriano Celentan making up what sounds like English to them, Exillon’s remix of Cat Power doing Moonshiner and J Dilla getting all ‘Now that’s what I call music’ with his versioning of the ‘Safety Dance’.


Download or Mobile Device

1. AUL WAN – Aul Wan’s Grim Rap – Def Record 2009 –
2. GIGGS – The Hardest- Let ‘Em Have It – XL
3. WELFARE – Supa Trupa –unreleased- IRE
4. BIG BOI – The Train Part II [Ft. Sam Chris]- The Son of Chico Dusty – Def Jam
5. TODDLA T- Boom DJ From The Steel City – Skanky Skanky 1965
sixfapp 6. CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT – ‘The Final Curtain’ – ‘Agroculture Part 3 – The Lough’ self-released IRE
7. ADRIANO CELENTANO – ‘Prisencolinensinaincuisol’ – ‘Nostalrock’ – Clan Celentano Records
8. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski – The Ride’ – ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ – Cock Rock Disco Records
9. FM BELFAST – I Can Feel Love – ‘How To Make Friends’ – World Champion- Records
10. OL’ DIRTY CHANCER – ‘My Own Fault feat. Sebi C’ – ‘Don’t Dwell – It’ – Community Skratch Music IRE
11. J. STAR – ‘Music Time’ – ‘Cut Ups, Bruck Ups, and Muck Ups Volume 1’ – Large Hole Records
pcp 12. DYNAMIX II – Bass Generator -1985 To Present Rephlex
13. NEGATRON- Collider – Unreleased IRE
14. NEGATRON- In Da House – Unreleased IRE
15. ED DEVANE -Brain Your Melt Featuring Scurvy Lass -Molten Membrane -Mantrap IRE
16. ED DEVANE -Doomtime Featuring Scurvy Lass- Molten Membrane – Mantrap IRE
17. T-POLAR – Cooper_track – Unreleased IRE
18. MAJOR GRAVE – Dilettantism – Standard ep 2. Standard IRE
19. FRANKIE BINGO -Cold Without You Original Mix IRE
sixfapp 20. HOUSE OF PAIN – ‘Jump Around Jantsen Remix’ unreleased
21. CAT POWER – Moonshiner -Exillon- Remix’ unreleased
22. DJ MEK – ‘Look Out He’s Irish -unreleased IRE
23. J DILLA – ‘Safety Dance’ – ‘Donut Shop’ – Stones Throw Records
24. BOGDAN RACZYNSKI – ‘Untitled 8’ – ‘Alright!’ – Rephlex Records)

PCPRaidio Your name Here

Posted by homoludo on Nov 11 2010 Posted by homoludo on November 11th, 2010 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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un lun dun

Sixfoot apprentice starts off the show with a great Irish led mash up set including; Manus Goan’s excellent ‘Party and Bullshit’ the pretty ‘Shook’ from Emancipator, which using a Sigur rós sample could be too sweet , but saves itself with a great acapella , a Pixies journey, the nasty and amazing ‘Twisted’ from Scary Eire which I had forgotten about and haven’t heard since in came out about. My set follows and  doesn’t know if it’s mash up or linear beats. It includes a mad disturbing/fun piece from Jennifer Walshe (she’s this months cover artist in the Wire) , Meljoann, warpo backwards Micheal Jackson biznezz from 1l and Don Daneeka’s ‘Like a fool’ exemplifying some uk funky’s turn to classic house basslines . Enjoy.

Also you may have noticed a lot more Irish tunes in these shows. Had begun to try and play 25% Irish tunes and Sixfoot plays lots of Irish so since he’s got onboard we’ll be hitting that easy.

PCPRaidio – Your name Here


Download or click if you’re mobile

Sixfoot Apprentice
1.    ONRA – ‘The Anthem’ (from ‘Chinoiseries’ on Favourite Recordings)
2.    MANUS GOAN – ‘Woke Up’ (from ‘!Kaboogie Sampler Volume 3’ on !Kaboogie Records) (IRE)
3.    RUBBERBANDITS – ‘The Greyhound Shuffle’ (unreleased) (IRE)
4.    RI-RA – ’25 O’Clock In The Morning’ (from ‘Horses Work For Donkeys Wages’ on Maddaxxe Records) (IRE)
5.    PRINCE KONG – ‘Fugue’ (from ‘I Make Me Rigid’ on Middle Management Records) (IRE)
6.    MELODICA DEATHSHIP – ‘Bang Out Cannons’ (from ‘Doom Your Cities Doom Your Towns’ self-released) (IRE)
7.    EMANCIPATOR – ‘Shook’ (unreleased)
8.    WHITE ZOMBIE – ‘More Human Than Human’ (LORN Remix) (unreleased)
9.    SCARY EIRE – ‘Twisted’ (from ‘The Scary Era’ on Scare Raid Records) (IRE)
10.    RAS G – ‘Untitled’ (from ‘Secondhand Sureshots’ on Dublab Records)
11.    MANUS GOAN – ‘Party n’ Bullshit’ (unreleased) (IRE)
12.    SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – ‘Sum’a Dat Gangsta Shit’ (unreleased)
13.    RI-RA – ‘Front Bar’ (from ‘Horses Work For Donkeys Wages’ on Maddaxxe Records) (IRE)
14.    DJ C – ‘Abc Traffic Jam’ (from ‘MasHits’ on Mashit Records)
15.    THE PIXIES – ‘Where Is My Mind?’ (from ‘Surfer Rosa’ on 4AD Records)
16.    PASTA MASTA – ‘Pixie P’ (unreleased) (IRE)
17.    DJ ZEBRA – ‘Get It On My Mind’ (unreleased)
18.    TRICKY – ‘Murder Weapon’ (from ‘Mixed Race’ on Domino Recordings)

PCP in a Shuí
19.    MUNCHI – Shottas_feat_Mr_Lexx_Club_Edit -Murdasound – T&A records
20.    1L-Wanna be startin’ somethin’-Das Nonstop-Programm-Res Freq
21.    RICHIE HAWTIN – Spastik -plastikman
22.    JENNIFER WALSHE- (your name here 4)-Nature Data-Interval Recordings(IRE)
23.    MELJOANNE-So Academic-Squick- Boyscout audio (IRE)
24.    CLOSER MUSIK-Closer Dancer-14 tracks deep inside Matias Aguayo -14tracks
25.    IMAGINATION- Changes-Dimitri_From_Paris_Nightdubbin_Instrumental-Nightdubblin ep – BBE
26.    SARSPIRRILA – The Count (Digital Wav)- Rappid fire buzzer ep – !Kaboogie records 03(Ire)
27.    SALEM- Killer- King Night- I am sound records
28.    GEENUS- Night- Volumes One- Rinse FM
29.    PRINCE -When Doves cry – Purple Rain -Warner Brothers
30.    THE MARTIN BROTHERS-Steal_Drums-The steal drums ep- dirty bird
31.    DOC DANEEKA- Like A Fool- Television EP -Pattern
32.    JULIO BASHMORE- Footsteppin-untitled -Ten thousand yen


If you’re in Dublin join us in the Kclub tonight with Gifted and Blessed(all city) Frakie Bingo and Defect + residents, more info here

kclub flyer november 2010

PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice

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!Kaboogie kollegue Sixfoot Apprentice joining me on the show this week and from here on out.
six foot apprentice

PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice


artist                 name            album

pcp 1.Ramadanman-  Pitter Modeselektion Vol. 01 Part 1
2. Sbtrkt – The_Unspoken
3. Nochexxx – Ritalin_Love
4. Nochexxx -  Timepiece
5. Frank Vigroux – hidden cd track-  Camera Police
6. Frank Vigroux-  Matraque-  Camera Police
sixfapp 7. DeadFader – No Theif (IRE)
8. RiRá – Clash In. (IRE)
9. Rubberbandits – Pure Awkward. (IRE)
10. Adultrock – Hermione. (IRE)
11. Manus Goan – Woke Up. (IRE)
12. Melodica Deathship – Bang Out! Cannons!. (IRE)
pcp 13. cavern – DARDA – community skratch music 09
14. Mount Kimble- Before_I_Move_Off – Crooks and Lovers
15. Raime We_Must_Hunt_Under_The_Wreckage_Of_Many_Systems
16. The Slits- I Heard It Through the Grapevine -Cut (Deluxe Edition)
17. 2562 The_Wind-Up
18. Mount Kimble – Carbonated -  Crooks and Lovers
19. Twoc Fez VIP (IRE) Forthcoming
20. Will Saul – Sequence_1
sixfapp 21. Gon – Chaka. (IRE)
22. Frankie Bingo – Cold Without You. (IRE)
23. SRC – Lemsip.
24. Cignol – Leiden Ex. (IRE)
pcp 25. Blasterbra – Sweetheart the Punk(IRE)
sixfapp 26. Monster Zoku Emsemble – Eat Brains