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Da ta da da da da daaaah! -Kaboogie Records 3!

Posted by homoludo on Sep 23 2010 Posted by homoludo on September 23rd, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, !Kaboogie Records

Lots going on. Should have posted this on monday. But here ya go KGB03 is out! Here are kind words from Wayne&Wax and and Harmless noise.

!Kaboogie Record’s third release is out this week (20th) with tracks from Mad EP, Ed Devane, Sarsparilla and the Banker…

KBG003 A2 Mad EP – Bass Crunchers (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic
KBG003 A1 Ed Devane – Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic  Check out the other 2 tracks here.

GHT002 Eomac – Shufflesteppa / A-Force – Orere3000 (clip) by Ghetto QuietlyOut now, pick up a copy here
And the third installment of T-Woc‘s Delayed Responses series is out the week after (27th) UK and Worldwide or available now in Dublin stores (pick up a copy here).
the window Delayed Responses Vol 3 (clip) by t-woc
Dirtdigger – Delayed Responses Vol 3 (Clip) by t-woc

Night and Day

Posted by homoludo on Sep 10 2010 Posted by homoludo on September 10th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, Ghettoquietly
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Today – Giving a Serato Scratch Live workshop at 4pm the Panama Scout hall at this – Phizzfest

Tonight –

Busy busy – proper post coming soon.

Me Hols/ Back from Berlin / Tonights radio/ feeling

Posted by homoludo on Aug 07 2010 Posted by homoludo on August 7th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, juke, mini ludos, mixtapes, music video, Photography, radio, recession, spacecraft, stuff, video, zombies
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Been away for pretty much six weeks , lots of stuff. Berlin which was hot in the first das gaff.

hot in berlin

Highlights of which included hanging out with these wacky  atompunk sound artists.

And watching Prince Kong kissing babies.(pics to follow)

Within ten minutes of walking into said second gaff(above) , I found a Cd  of this Seeed Berlin anthem(below) which I’d lost a while ago and been looking for.Which correctly boded well for our stay there. Highlights of this stay included getting into Berghain on this visit (didn’t dig my beard, hat and dark glasses last time, the squares) and watching Richie !Kaboogie convert to HiNRG disco( no pics ’cause they’re banned in Berghain for that very reason) and tile graff artist Dj Tile cutters  exploits, in which he repeatedly failed to get into any clubs(‘cept one in the end).

In other news, with me on the radio show at 10.30 tonight and streaming here  is ( ex renowned D&B dj and now renowned Grime Dj)   Dj Bpm, an Irish Dj based in London. She blew up the K club(next -Lorn) on Thursday and did this great mix for us a while ago.

Also expect some of the tunes from this mix which is blowing my mind as I write.

Mike Paradinas Footwork/Juke Mix by Mike Paradinas (A.K.A. Μ-Ziq) on Mixcloud




Also I meant to blog this ages ago(but was on me hols), but if you haven’t heard Dj Gaz le Rock’s punk and garage show on 2xfm you’re missing out on some of the best radio RTE have put out in ages.

2fm Loving Room Floor 19 sept 2010 by Dj Gaz Le Rock Finally here’s the third installment in the ‘Wallets Full of Blood’ – Irish economic crash zombie movie series – ‘Roscommon Death Trip’ ’The injustice of time – rendered obsolete.’Rain falls on the snow. The Contagion has taken hold. Ghosts from the old Dead Republic are emerging everywhere as the day of judgement approaches.On Black Tuesday a guilt ridden political functionary runs from his job burying bodies in the city. He is tortured by voices of reproach as he journeys towards home. He recounts the history of his dealings with Fingers – a boss ‘who made the old boss look like Mother Teresa’.Meanwhile, back in the city, amid the spiraling negativity, Fingers and his acolytes lay the foundations for a new Easter Rising.

!Kaboogie presents Murderbot, Scratcha DVA and T woc

Posted by homoludo on Apr 29 2010 Posted by homoludo on April 29th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, 78's, festies, gramophone disco
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Lots going on this weekend on the !Kaboogie front, with Murderbot and T woc tonight in the K club. We’re at another new venue -The Sweeney Mongrel fomally known as Le Cirk from 8.30 on. Sibin at the weekend with Scratcha DVA and loads more. Also I’m  doing the Gramophone disco at Vantastival , a camper van and scooter festival! Hope to see you somewhere!

Dublin – Drumcorps – Tonight- Stop

Posted by homoludo on Apr 16 2010 Posted by homoludo on April 16th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, hardcore, Hardcore continuum
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Aaron Spectre stuck here tonight and doing an impromptu gig in the twisted pepper with Noid the Droid, Manus Goan and T woc in support.

An ill wind, every cloud etc etc. stop.

Gonzo bastards – Squires of Gothos mix and gig

Posted by homoludo on Jan 28 2010 Posted by homoludo on January 28th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, gigs, squires

In excited anticipation of the gig this weekend, here’s a wuff and ready mix of I did of some Squires tunes at the weekend(kind of scrawled all over em with a day glo makers :-{ )

Uploading should be up in an hour or so

in ruff order –

Big yellow smiley faces
Tropical land proper
Bounty ice cream
The triple drop
Sandpaper riddim
phonin in 4 Shinez
B richIt’ll be all right feat Dominique (squires remix)
The Strictly Bassline

!Kaboogie presents: Squire of Gothos / Scheme Boy / DJ Rodfather, January 29 2010, The Cavern - Isaac Butts. (opposite Busaras), Dublin Ireland

January 29 2010, The Cavern – Isaac Butts. (opposite Busaras), 10:30pm – 2:30am

Squire of Gothos (Coin Operated), Schemeboy (Ninja Columbo), DJ Rodfather (!Kaboogie)

Following on from the massive 4th birthday party gig recently, !Kaboogie will be bringin’ plenty more heft with this tasty event which sees the Irish debut of UK bassline rave-steppers THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS, along with a welcome return from London’s SCHEME BOY. With support from !K-head DJ RODFATHER, this promises to be a right rowdy demon of a night. Sheeeeeeeeeet!

THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS (Coin Operated Records / Electrostimulation Records / Tigerbeat 6)

Hailing from Sheffield, The Squire Of Gothos are one of the most original acts to emerge from the bassline sound of recent years. Their unique brand of raved-up, glitched-out, filthy bassline wonkyness demonstrates their knowledge in the fine art of dancefloor destruction. , these messers have quickly built up a dedicated fanbase through monster live shows and quality releases on Electrostimulation Records and Coin Operated Records, the latter being the well hefty ‘Clam Smasher EP’. A string of free mixes, some of the finest of 2009, have since solidified their position as masters of bounce. This gig sees them hitting Irish shores for the first time. Nnot to be missed.

More Info:



‘Forest Gateau’ mix: (I strongly urge you to download the shit outta this damn fine mix)

‘Mnuvrs’ mix:

‘Demented Hawk Off Da Radio’ mix:

‘Crocodile Pumdee’ mix:


‘Triple Drop’ feat. MC Condom:

‘Bounty Ice-Cream’:

SCHEME BOY (Ninja Columbo / Bang-A-Rang Records / Cock Rock Disco)Scheme Boy is a London based producer and dj, whose styles vary from dirty dub techno breaks to all-out banging melodic hardcore. Always intense, his live sets have torn apart dancefloors and eardrums at gigs and festivals across Europe for over 5 years. His last Dublin appearance at a monster gig in McGruders in 2008 was a highlight of a night that also featured sets from Cardopusher, Milanese and Ebola. For examples of what he’s got in store for us at this show, check out the links below, such as the epic ‘Bass Boson’ mix for Spannered.

SCHEME BOY linkage:



‘The Bass Boson’ mix:

‘141 Winters Per Minute’ mix:

The Gramophone Disco at !Kaboogie’s fourth birthday

Posted by homoludo on Jan 12 2010 Posted by homoludo on January 12th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, gigs, gramomania, gramophone disco
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!Kaboogie presents: Fourth Birthday bash!, January 15 2010, The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1, Dublin Ireland

January 15 2010, The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1, 10pm

!Kaboogie celebrates four years of bringing the futhermucking BASS to Dublin with a whopper, two-floor line-up in the Twisted Pepper on Friday 15 January. With Terror Danjah, Wadadda, Moutpiece, Gramophone Disco and North Strand Kontra Band

The ground floor of the Twisted Pepper will be a little different to the (un)usual !Kaboogie fare, with Gramophone Disco hosting the evenings festivities and also doing a little decoration job on the place! Supremo Dublin punkers Moutpiece will be lashing it out, followed by the jump-up specialists North Strand Kontra Band.

Down in the bassment we’ll have the mighty Terror Danjah, hot off his recently released “Gremlinz” album on Planet Mu. Expect grime that’d put even Mr Muscle into a panic. Further bass treats come all the way over from Germany, with the dubbed out skank and bounce of Wadadda. Tactical bass support on both floors from the lovely !Kaboogie residents.

The night shall be kicking off at ten bells. Cos we is soooo nice to you, it’s only a MERE FIVER in before 11, then a tenner afterwards. Come down and celebrate with us, it’s gonna be mental buzz!

Terror Danjah
Terror Danjah – Glasssglow Mix  from

Wadadda Brixton Biznizz

North Strand Kontra Band
Blending the high energy, hypnotic sounds of the Balkans with everything from funk to drum and bass, The North Strand Kontra Band (formerly The North Strand Klezmer Band) Have brought fresh excitement to the live music scene over the last 4 years.“One of Dublin’s most exciting live acts” – The Irish TimesThe line up includes clarinet, saxophone, trombone, piano accordion, banjo/guitar, tuba and drums.

The Gramaphone Disco
The Gramophone Disco play Calypso, Jazz, R’n’b, Western Swing, Music hall – Modern music, but nothing after nineteen sixty. Played on all the formats of history from 78 records on. The dancer is transported back in time to an age when the future was new. Using Victorian, Edwardian, early Modernist art and decor, the visitor is enveloped in an antique world.

gramophone disco_buntas rince

The Magic Lantern Cinema projects highlights of classic and early film,documentary and porn of both Irish and international production, that are tailor made to marry with the mood of the music.

gramophone disco

The overall atmosphere is a dizzying party of great music and dancing. It is a sanctuary for those weary of the over stimulated post modern world.Playing dirty ditties at a shindig near you soon.

gramophone disco dresser

Moutpiece“..Dublin garage spazmo rockers mouthpiece, a fiery collective of absurdity and madness rolled into a rock n’roll machine of power.Loud, fast, obnoxious bursts of guitar fuelled mayhem, the band was formed by Gaz Moutpiece and Derek Gihad, armed with a blistering bag of riffs and a voracious thirst for everything, they recruited Tommy Trousers on bass duties and set off on the road. Tours of Holland, Ireland and festival appearances ensued and the spazmo garage punk rock n’roll was brought to the masses, who enjoyed it immensely.Conzo Hercules joined to add more guitar mayhem into the mix and now with a new album on the streets, Moutpiece are set to go into hyper drive, so don’t miss ‘em…”

Turns out Moutpiece can’t play due to snow related injury.

Eomac’s All irish mix

Posted by homoludo on Jan 12 2010 Posted by homoludo on January 12th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, Irish producers, mixtapes
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Eomac come correct with a selection of current Irish beats and basses.

Eomacs All Irish promo mix


DECEMBER: ‘All Irish Promo Mix’ Tracklisting:
1. !Kaboogie Chant
2. Without AnyThought – SUNKEN FOAL – [Planet Mu]
3. Beauty – DEVIANT – [Alphabetset]
4. New Edit – EOMAC – [unreleased]
5. Tzur Men – T-WOC – [Alphabetset]
6. Crossroads – PRINCE KONG – [All City/Alphabetset] / Field Station Teufelsberg – MUTTERMAL – [Digitalbiotope]
7. Woke Up – MANUS GOAN – [unreleased]
8. Digi87 – A-FORCE – [unreleased]
9. Dek Rudder – BLUEFOOD – [!Kaboogie]
10. Sines And Symbols – AUTOMATIC TASTY – [Acroplane]
11. Mind, Body, Spirit – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
12. Commaspace – CIGNOL – [forthcoming Alphabetset]
13. Longtime – SPECTAC – [DEAF ’09 CD2]
14. Konnektquartet – HERV – [Go Away]
15. Battle Swine – DECOY – [Neuromantek]
16. Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm – ED DEVANE/REDMONK/THATBOYTIM – [Takeover]
17. Black Ops – UNINERVES – [Mantrap]
18. Lady Gaga’s Balls – EOMAC – [forthcoming Mantrap]
19. Improper Hinge – KACHANSKI – [Mantrap]
20. Playtime – ED DEVANE – [forthcoming !Kaboogie] / Stringaling (loop) – 2-BIT – [!Kaboogie]
21. Stamina – PRINCE KONG – [Acroplane]
22. Hot Butter Interlude – T-POLAR – [unreleased]
23. Badman Banker – THE BANKER – [forthcoming !Kaboogie]
24. Word Of The Kings – SUNIL SHARPE – [unreleased]
25. Grinding Teeth – SWARM INTELLIGENCE – [unreleased]
26. Unexpected Error – LAKKER – [!Kaboogie]
27. Lost – THE NIHILIST – [!Kaboogie]
28. Rave Please – FILARIA – [Acroplane/Alphabetset]
29. Bdmsoi – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
30. !Kaboogie Chant

More of his mixes here

Mash of the week 26# T-polar – is you being served?

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Great, fun and original stuff from T-polar this budget week. With a timely cash register laden mash/remix of the theme from are you being served.

T-Polar – Is you being served?



He’s a diverse and productive producer.With lots of releases; a great ep on digital distortions – Little collosus, a remix of chrissy murder bot and an ep on wide, and in his sitezen guise an album on acroplane- slow grey nightmare – great brooding downtempo music. Vist his myspace or his page on discogs to get an idea of the extent of his work.

Here’s another good one from him, mixing up Green velvet and Missy Elliot.

T-Polar-Destination unknown vip



He also has a remix on Thatboytim’s(who had a track on the !Kaboogie records Squidge ep) New Steps ep out on Takeover records  on Monday.

Mash of the week 25# Fog -Cast no Shadow

Posted by homoludo on Dec 04 2009 Posted by homoludo on December 4th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, mash of the week
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stem cells

Here’s a simple but effective (in effect not technique) mash of Dj Shadow’s ‘Stem’ done by Fog using his own beats.

Fog -Cast no Shadow