and that’s why we’re punks…

Posted by homoludo on May 27th, 2013 filed in blogging, writing

…’ and that’s why we’re punks, even as most of the music we listen to sounds more like Sade than Minor Threat these days.’ Full text here.

– Excerpt from a good piece/argument about what punk is/means today. It’s something I think about a lot generally and particularly at the moment,  as noise hovers(hoovers ?)  around the techno mainstream in an exquisitely aesthetsised and depoliticized  way.

I found it on Ian Maleney’s blog . Ian became the most interesting writer on Irish music  the moment he turned into  the boy who pointed out the naked state of Irish electronic music.

UPDATE. Yeah, a really good blog with links to lots of great writing, been reading it all day.

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