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2.Do or Die (dub)by Human League
3.Celtic cross – dj tonka remix by Ian Pooley
4.Doping for chicken by Mae bad boy
6.Interlude by DVA Damus
7.Metal by In Aeternam Vale
8.Second too late by Cabaret Voltaire
9.Hard corps by Dirty
10.To death do us part by Front 242
11.Sulu Sekou by Call super
12.Moscow ist frei by Ratbau
13.Chinese Black by The Neon Judgement
14.2 by Breaker 12
15.I wanna know by Omars S
16.Sylvester Stallone by Powell
18.Electronic belt by Hieroglyphic being
19.Waldorf Salad by JuJu+Jordash
20.Aquarius (NCW Remix) by Steve Legget
21.Aside by H eadfront panel
22.Freedom by Children
23.Greane by Lords of the Isles
24.Track 6 by Jitterbug
25.Do you love me? by K-Hand
26.Contra by Samaan
27.Something Scary by Zsa Zsa Laboum
28.Marmate Tatami by Victrola

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