Mash of the Week 5 – Welcome to Jamrock

Posted by homoludo on December 19th, 2008 filed in !Kaboogie, mash of the week, mashes, music

 Here’s one from from A-Force called Dubrock. It’s as much a reversioning as a mash.

Dubrock (320)

Built from –
Welcome to jamrock (damien marley / world jam riddim) vs troca-aplica (dj sany pitbull)

Interestingly he tagged the mp3 as

name: Dubrock
artist: mash
album: !kaboogie
genre: bass

Note he’s called the artist Mash, he’s concious of sampling ethics and is going to post about they’re relationship to mashes on his blog soon. I’m looking fwd to that post, though, if you ask me it’s elastic honour among thieves and nickin’ things is great. A Force lent me this great book on the subject-

Making beats -sample based hip hop

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