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Horroscope This weeks show features Guest DJ Rodney Timmins playing breaks, garage and widescreen grooves. The German garage and psychedelia really gets my kraut boat bobbing along. He plays an amazing track, Horrorscope, by reclusive millionaire synth dude Ralph Lundsten. Here’s a picture of Ralph in his evil disco lab. Ralph Lundsten

Great material for a Hammer (disco) House film.

Dr Phibes disco

Squee! Those crazy drunken Fins! Near the start of the show is an excerpt of a Squee set (it’s really Skwee, but there aren’t enough Sq words and the other meaning is fun. It’s obscure enough at the moment that I can call it what I want. Minimal anybody?) taken from seclusis radio. Stay tuned for lots more Squee! The dance style for this music is called ‘drunken stumbling’. The show finishes with some fresh dubsteppahs.

Squee poster




1. Smiley Culture – Rootsreality (homoludo Dubstep remix)
2. Quatra 330 – mmmm
3. Squee Set(I’ll spell it how I want)
4. Zapp – Computer Love
5. Rodney Timmins’ set

  1. The Heliocentrics – Somewhere out there
  2. *Various 70’s b-boy breaks.. from Qberts Breaktionary comp.
  3. Can – vitamin C
  4. A Certain Ratio – Do the Du
  5. The Mighty Doggcatchers – There’s Gonna Be a Mess
  6. Can – Turtles Have Short Legs
  7. *various 70’s b-boy breaks.. .from Qberts Breaktionary comp
  8. Joe Ki Tomas Sound Group – Mao
  9. Niellsen Nieptrzebur – (unwanted)
  10. Serge Gainsbourg – The Horse
  11. Shames – My World is Upside Down
  12. The Monks – Shut up
  13. Dave Dee,Dozey,Beaky, Mich & Tich – Hold Tight
  14. Silver Apples – Cannonball Noodle
  15. The Ogyatanna show band – Disco Africa
  16. Mulatu Astatke – Metche Dersche
  17. Ralph Lundsten – Horrorscope
  18. Gary Davis – The Professor’s Here
  19. The Katzenjammers – Cars
  20. Mulatu Astatke Asiyo – Belema

6. Dubstep set

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