Bogdan Raczynsky in Dublin

Posted by homoludo on November 26th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, gigs

Bogdan flyer

The man Bogdan playing- His music is fun, fucked up, charming , innocent and banging(at the same time!) and my favourite of the wave that included; Sqaurepusher, Mike Paradinis, Aphex et.

The last time he played, he was drunk /out of it-

all the idm heads were getting really pissed off, he kept falling on
the table with his laptop and rolling around,
kept getting pulled off, hitting play again, then falling again, as portions of
the crowed got more pissed off.

I was cheering.

one of me fav gigs ever!

Pleased to be on the bill, I’ll try and lash up a mini mix of his music before the gig.

Bogdan the Man mix.


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    Top gig – top mustache!!

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    whoops – sorry!

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