Gonzo bastards – Squires of Gothos mix and gig

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In excited anticipation of the gig this weekend, here’s a wuff and ready mix of I did of some Squires tunes at the weekend(kind of scrawled all over em with a day glo makers :-{ )

Uploading should be up in an hour or so

in ruff order –

Big yellow smiley faces
Tropical land proper
Bounty ice cream
The triple drop
Sandpaper riddim
phonin in 4 Shinez
B richIt’ll be all right feat Dominique (squires remix)
The Strictly Bassline

!Kaboogie presents: Squire of Gothos / Scheme Boy / DJ Rodfather, January 29 2010, The Cavern - Isaac Butts. (opposite Busaras), Dublin Ireland

January 29 2010, The Cavern – Isaac Butts. (opposite Busaras), 10:30pm – 2:30am

Squire of Gothos (Coin Operated), Schemeboy (Ninja Columbo), DJ Rodfather (!Kaboogie)

Following on from the massive 4th birthday party gig recently, !Kaboogie will be bringin’ plenty more heft with this tasty event which sees the Irish debut of UK bassline rave-steppers THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS, along with a welcome return from London’s SCHEME BOY. With support from !K-head DJ RODFATHER, this promises to be a right rowdy demon of a night. Sheeeeeeeeeet!

THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS (Coin Operated Records / Electrostimulation Records / Tigerbeat 6)

Hailing from Sheffield, The Squire Of Gothos are one of the most original acts to emerge from the bassline sound of recent years. Their unique brand of raved-up, glitched-out, filthy bassline wonkyness demonstrates their knowledge in the fine art of dancefloor destruction. , these messers have quickly built up a dedicated fanbase through monster live shows and quality releases on Electrostimulation Records and Coin Operated Records, the latter being the well hefty ‘Clam Smasher EP’. A string of free mixes, some of the finest of 2009, have since solidified their position as masters of bounce. This gig sees them hitting Irish shores for the first time. Nnot to be missed.

More Info:

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thesquireofgothos


‘Forest Gateau’ mix: http://mashit.com/audio/Forest-Gateaux-Mix.mp3 (I strongly urge you to download the shit outta this damn fine mix)

‘Mnuvrs’ mix: http://www.mnuvrs.com/media/music/m2v/squires_of_gothos/01%20Mixtape%2016.mp3

‘Demented Hawk Off Da Radio’ mix: http://www.mediafire.com/?nyyk2mkjyod

‘Crocodile Pumdee’ mix: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6mqg9t


‘Triple Drop’ feat. MC Condom:

‘Bounty Ice-Cream’:

SCHEME BOY (Ninja Columbo / Bang-A-Rang Records / Cock Rock Disco)Scheme Boy is a London based producer and dj, whose styles vary from dirty dub techno breaks to all-out banging melodic hardcore. Always intense, his live sets have torn apart dancefloors and eardrums at gigs and festivals across Europe for over 5 years. His last Dublin appearance at a monster gig in McGruders in 2008 was a highlight of a night that also featured sets from Cardopusher, Milanese and Ebola. For examples of what he’s got in store for us at this show, check out the links below, such as the epic ‘Bass Boson’ mix for Spannered.

SCHEME BOY linkage:

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/schemeboy


‘The Bass Boson’ mix: http://www.spannered.org/radio/1578/

‘141 Winters Per Minute’ mix: http://handbaked.mattsenior.com/SchemeBoy_141WintersPerMinuteMix.mp3

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