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Posted by homoludo on August 24th, 2010 filed in grime, radio shows

Here’s a show from a couple of weeks ago when I was joined in the Studio by DJ Bpm after her appearence that week at the Kclub.  It’s a classy mix of grime and dubstep. We go back to back about half way in, though I realise only during and after that the tracks I have brought sound kinda like dissin’ tracks , wasn’t,  honest.



1.    Goblin – Coki
2.    Its War (white label promo)-  Footsie & Tubby
3.    The Devil Within – Spooky
4.    The Next Hype – Tempa T/ Scratcha DVA remix
5.    So What-  Wonder (unknown remix)
6.    Freaks – Virgo
7.    Thunderclapz E.P-  Thunderclapz
8.    Sad Song – Virgo
9.    Thunderclapz E.P – Thunderclapz
10.    Anthem – Virgo
11.    Get The F U p- Ill Bill Bachelor
12.    Filth – Skream

Back to back from here on in with me coming in with –

13.    Kill All A’ Dem (VIP Mix) – Scratcha DVA
14.    The Rattle Snake – War Tech
15.    TERROR_DANJAH_-_Sidechain
16.    Mozart 3000 (Carmina Buranda) – Carl Orff remix by Cotti and Kromestar
17.    Bad Breed    T-Camp
18.    Werewolf – Spooky (Iron Gates remix)
19.    Jammer_-_Better_Than_(Lorn_remix)
20.    Signs V.I.P – Heavyload
21.    Riverside (Breakage Remix)            Sidney Samson
22.    Rebz_-_War_Skank_(feat_Trilla)
23.    Shove It – Deftones (Unknown remix)
24.    Skream_-_Midnight_Request_Line
25.    On and On – Erykah Badu (unknown remix)

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  1. Katherine (aka DJ BPM) Says:

    Thanks for having me, had great time, n I enjoyed ur “dissin” tracks 😉

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