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 SixFoot apprentice and I Saturday week ago.

artist    name    album    label
OBJEKT    Tinderbox
ROBERT HOOD    _Museum -    Minamal Nation    -Axis
OBJEKT    The_Goose_that_Got_Away
AALIYAH    R U That Somebody? (Brenmar Windy City Mix)
HACKMAN     Made Up My Mind    Made Up My Mind / Bam Bam
LB_DUB_CORP    Take_It_Down_In_(dub)
CASSIE    Must Be Love (Jacques Greene’s Marriage Proposal mix)    palmsout.com remix sunday
MOUNT  KIMBLE    mount Kimble -Before_I_Move_Off
VHS Head    Trademark_Ribbons_of_Gold

THE BIONIC RATS – “Stand Down Cowen” (from The Bionic Rats bandcamp site) (IRE)
THE ONE AM RADIO – “Take On Me” (from ‘Pop Massacre’ on Friends Of Friends Records)
CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT – “Well Now (Rubberbandits Remix)” (from ‘Well Now EP’ on Captain Moonlight bandcamp site) (IRE)
M.O.P. – “Ante Up (Remix)” from ‘Ten Years And Gunnin’ on Columbia Records)
MANUS GOAN – “Superstition Remix” (unreleased) (IRE)
PRINCE KONG – “Fugue” (from ‘I Make Me Rigid’ on Middle Management Records) (IRE)
MOTHS – “Blisters” (from Moths bandcamp site) (IRE)
THE XX – “Basic Space (Lunice Remix)” (unreleased)
THE PIXIES – “Wave Of Mutilation (Live)” (from ‘Pixies At The BBC’ on 4AD Records)
RICHIE PRICE – “I’m That Guy” (unreleased)
MELJOANN – “Reptillian” (from ‘Squick’ on Boy Scout Audio Records) (IRE)
SRC – “Goomba VIP” (from ‘Quality Street’ on Butterz Records)
PRGz – “Stop’n’Go” (from ‘Rocket Fuel EP’ on Paper Route Gangstaz Records)
THUNDERHEIST – “Jerk It (Megasoid Remix)” (from ‘Jerk It EP’ on Nasty Mix Records)
PCPRaidio Stand Down Cohen


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