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Posted by homoludo on March 26th, 2011 filed in radio shows

Last weeks show, from Sixfoot and I. I may fix up and annotate later if I get a chance. Or I may not.


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artist                           song                          label

Old Apparatus     1-Side_A_Track_1    Deep Mehdi
Chasing Voices    Acidbathory
Shakleton            King_Midas_Sounds_Death_Dub_Remix
Shakleton             Deadman
Factory_Floor 3    woodenbox
disrupt     Citadel Station                                Jahtari
Nicolas Jarr    -Colomb
Tyler the Creator-Yonkers                            XL
Maayan Nidam    Better Stop
The Deeep    Mudd (Grand Am Version)

Sixfoot Apprentice –

1. STIG OF THE DUMP – “Rhite Whino” (from “The Homeless Microphonist” on Beer & Rap Records).
2. MATTHEW DAVID – “International” (from “International EP” on Brainfeeder Records).
3. MATTHEW DAVID – “All You’ll Never Know” (from “International EP” on Brainfeeder Records).
4. MELJOANN – “Reptilian” (from “Squick” on Boy Scout Audio). IRE.
5. PROFESSOR NALEPA vs IT’S NOT OVER QUEBEC – “Unrest” (from “Acid Crunk Volume 3” on Muti Music).
6. LORN – “Toilet” (from “Acid Crunk Volume 3” on Muti Music).
7. RUBBERBANDITS – “Ba Mhaith Liom Bruíon Le D’athair” (from “I Wanna Fight Your Father EP” on Lovely Men Records). IRE.
8. RíRá – “Bla Bla Blarney” (from “Demo Straights: Unreleased & Underplayed” on Maddaxxe Records). IRE.
9. SERT ONE – “Past, Present, Future” (from “The View From Above EP” on Melted Music). IRE.
10. SERT ONE – “Orbit” (from “The View From Above EP” on Melted Music). IRE.
11. MOTHS – “Blisters” (from Moths Bandcamp site). IRE.

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