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A show from a couple of weeks ago. I will write about the first couple of tracks tomorrow, as they’re from the most important Irish beats record ever.

The Deviant ep is the most important Irish electronic/dance record ever. The first reason it is so important is that is very good. The second reason is that it is Irish dance music that sounds Irish. To Irish underground music ears this is usually a bad thing. It’s associated with the usual clichéd high kicking , wooly jumpered folk images and more recent cringers; Cotton eyed Joe, Bewitched , Afro Celtic  sound system, bad trad mash up amongst others.

Great, successful Irish dance records are so conspicuous by their absence (leaving aside the other reasons such as until recently the lack of any diasporic communities or strong counter cultural movements) because of this squirming discomfort with Irish culture.

Most Irish electronic music producers imitate. They imitate every electronic music culture. They will never succeed. Or if they do it will be pastiche and it will be too late.

I will post soon as to why this is the case.


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1.    DEVIANT    – Oh Gravity- On Community Skratch Music(IRE)
2.    DEVIANT-Send in the hounds- On Community Skratch Music(IRE)

Six Foot Apprentice
3.    DEVIANT – “Planxty Angsty” (unreleased) (IRE)
4.    GLAND & CONDUIT – “Anal Duct Nodding” (from “Ore” on Second Square To None Records) (IRE)
5.    BLUE VITRIOL – “Casiotone Rock” (from “They Went To Titan” on Jahtari Records)
6.    CATSCARS – “Droid” (from “Construction” on White Plague Records) (IRE)
7.    LAKKER – “Kleure” (from “Kleure” on Lakker bandcamp site) (IRE)
8.    JIMMY PENGUIN – “Dred” (from “Dred” on Jimmy Penguin bandcamp site) (IRE)
9.    ILEX – “Ilk” (from “Old Din” on Ilex bandcamp site) (IRE)
10.    HUNTER-GATHERER – “Serbia” (from “Fingerprint Series” on Hunter-Gatherer bandcamp site) (IRE)

11.    OLD APARATUS -Side_B_Track_1_2 On Deep Mehdi
12.    NICOLAS JAAR -Too_Many_Kids_Finding_Rain_In_the_Dust    On Circus Company
13.    NICOLAS JAAR -Space_Is_Only_Noise_If_You_Can_See    On Circus Company
14.    KOWTON- Drunk On Sunday    Idle Hands
15.    RAINBOW ARABIA -Without_You- On Kompact
16.    CHASING VOICES    Acidbathoryz On Preserved Instincts
17.    ACTRESS    Machine & Voice    On Non Plus
18.    CUTTY RANKS, GENERAL LEVY-Weh dem watch we  On Party Time
19.    BRANDY METHOD MAN     what about love x5 riddim    on Party Time
20.    BEENIEMAN_REDMAN     What’s love?    On Madchemist vol1
21.    CUTTY RANKS  MR SHOTTY     mr shotty aread codes    On Party Time
22.    DJ XELA     Dance hall queen mashup     On Party Time
23.    LIBERTY KING     Ain’t it funny    On madchemist vol1
24.    MOVADO       No head sound bwoy On sound bwoy
25.    MOVADO     U CAN’T ESCAPE    sound bwoy
26.    KARTEL-    COUNT YOU’RE DUPPYS Onsound bwoy
27.    MOVADO -    Toe to Toe On sound bwoy
28.    OLD APARATUS -    Side_A_Track_1On Deep Mehdi
29.    GATEKEEPER -Chains OnMerok
30.    ALTER EAGLE-Six_Foot_Arms On 100% Silk

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