PCPRadio Chart Your Cycle – Tunes of 07

Posted by homoludo on January 13th, 2008 filed in music, radio shows

chart your cycle

I asked everybody I played or worked with over the last year to chose a tune they liked from 07. Part two next week with selections from Vex’d , Aaron Spectre, Six foot Apprentice, T-woc, Clouds and more.

But for now here’s part one –



Maker——- —-Tune ————-Selector

1 Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing – Dj halfdutch

2 Lil Wayne – Dying – My Hip Hop selection

3 Party Weirdo (excellent Dublin band) – Chart your cycle – Dj Krossphader

4 Dirty projectors – No more – Dj Rupture

5 LCD soundsystem 33/ 45 – Gerry Bigbrother

6 Prince kong – skylines(a sick remix of Super extra bonus party, which should carry a health warning, class) – My Irish Tune of 07 selection

7. Watch my feet – Dude N’Nem – Dj C

8 Durty Goodz – Switching songs Pt2- My Tune of the year without a shadow

9. Blearg – Aint no other man(Oral fist fuck mix) Kid Kameleon

10 CSS – alala – Charlie Stross – Best new Sf writer in a while, I’ll post about him soon.

11 RSD – Kingfisher – A-Force

12 Rougestate feat Daddy Freddy – Very dangerous – Colz

13 Bug and Warrior queen- Poison Dart – Warrior Queen selects her own tune and you can’t argue with royalty

14 Bug feat Flow dan and killa p – Skeng – Richie Kaboogie

15 Emalkay – Rouge – Starkey

16 Starkey – let you go (Mathhead remix) – From the NC-17 ep – My ep of the year.

17 Quatra 330- Sunset Dub – My Dubstep tune of the year

18 The Tuss – Rushup ibank – Dj Rodders selection

chart your cycle

6 Responses to “PCPRadio Chart Your Cycle – Tunes of 07”

  1. krossie Says:

    Charlie Stross diggin on CSS – I love it – I like his stuff – very little hard sci fi abouts – shelves awash wit low rate fantasy stuff all looking at imaginary pasts! A real need for science fiction these days. A society that can’t conceive of a future hardly deserves a past, let a lone a present!


  2. homoludo Says:

    got this mail from him in 04. It’s somehow pleasing that he’s into good music. Makes one trust him more.-

    ” Musically I’m a creature of my age (39); current listening on the iPod
    yesterday (when I was stuck on a long-haul flight) included Chicks on
    Speed, Ministry, Thomas Dolby, Ladytron, VNV Nation, Sisters of Mercy
    … i.e. not classical, not pop, not thrash (much), not heavy metal (as
    such), but punk, industrial, bleepy shite, techno …”

    More on Stross and the timemachine I’m building(out of smashed records)presently.

  3. homoludo Says:

    Also, I’ve mentioned K-Punk to you. He’s th e best on where music/sci-fi/theory interface. His blog was to blogging as Gold
    Teeth Thief was to mixing.
    I’m going to post on his blog later.
    But here are some tasters…
    From big brother to the big other
    LAY! LAY! LAY!

  4. krossie Says:

    Good stuff – they seem very passionate about their tech and different versions o’ the future – always a goos sign!


  5. either/or Says:

    heyup, that ‘nonorganic memory’ linkage seems broken. & that broken-records time machine sounds fascinating…

  6. homoludo Says:

    Should be ok now.

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