Chart your cycle – Part 2

Posted by homoludo on January 20th, 2008 filed in radio shows

cycle of self empowerment

I asked some people I played or worked with over the last year to chose a tune they liked from 07. Thanks to everybody for playing the game and getting back to me


1. Animosity – Progression through failure- Aaron Spectre

2. Jestoneart esq. – Expendable man – Vex’d

3. Burial -Unite- Craigoh

4. Disrupt – Root matrix – Dj ripley ( she got 2 ‘cause disrupt is so good as is Jahtari the label where they’re available, also check out the digi dub player)

5. Disrupt – Bomb20 – Dj ripley(Marioi and Donkey Kong sharing a spliff, then getting up to have a little skank)

6. Marlow – Scum -Pasta masta

7. Coti – I don’t give a dub- Six foot apprentice(Irish mashatista)

8. Rusko – Cockney Thug – Craigoh(works in the main shop stocking Dubstep, breakcore etc)

9. Forsaken – Boat noodles – Ross Carroll(Reach /Wobble)

10. Movado/kartel – Toe to Toe – My dance hall artist/tune of 07 (Could have been some others, amazing grace was amazing, this have some v dodgy chats, and I ambivalent about playing it, but its murderous power is hard to deny)

11. Dizzy Rascal Chase &Status remix – Sirens – My drum n bass tune of 07

12. Drugzilla – 0n a mission from hippy in a van- Drugzilla (selecting themselves ‘cause they’re Oirish breakcore royalty)

13. Drumcops- Incarnate – My Breakcore tune of 07(where’s the breakcore gone? Expect a return in 08)

14. Fight like apes –Jake Summers- my Irish rock tune of 07

15. Jen Lekman – kanske ar jag kar i dig – Kool Drool

16. koze – Hicc up – Dj Atari Flynn(he actually chose Mr Decy Gui Barrato, but I couldn’t find it and he had left this in me gaff and even though it’s from 05 I was getting sick of the whole 07 thing – it’s like so last year)

17. Body language Ganzer Niggeman remix (just to mix in )

18. Sub version – Soul Jah Boogie – my second Dubstep tune of 07



I’ll fix up this post later….

Forgot to play any of it last night but my mix of the year was Anger is a Gift – Prancehall

5 Responses to “Chart your cycle – Part 2”

  1. Cormy Says:

    Sorry I didn’t make it on Saturday. A few things happened that hindered my progress. I tried to call ya, nay answer. I like ze blog. 🙂

  2. andy Says:

    Had forgotten how deadly that fight like apes tune was since last heard it. sweet…

  3. Cormy Says:

    Not as deadly as you Andy.

  4. A.H. Says:

    Hmmmm . . . I know why you can’t find Ur Gui Boratto- I got it.. C ya sat nite..

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