How much is the Fish?

Posted by homoludo on January 23rd, 2008 filed in Irish bands, video

Red Hot Entertainment – Junior Spesh

I saw the above posted by Prancehall and thought of this ( the link becomes apparent after a minute or so) –

Buffulo – Stump(1988)

The Stump story

4 Responses to “How much is the Fish?”

  1. krossie Says:

    Stump legends – absolute legends – “charlton heston put his vest on” etc etc


  2. krossie Says:

    check out the pool song!!!

    Looks like Mr. Hopper hasn’t quit on musical silliness


  3. homoludo Says:

    Heston – have it my bag tonight- great party tune. playin’ a party tonight if your in town. Also nice one for the Kev Hopper tip, 57th best bassist in the world!!

  4. krossie Says:

    missed that – still in hibernation mode – heard some of the Moroccan stuff tho’ – very cool


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