PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes

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PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes


A rake of tunes that blew SIXFOOT APPRENTICE’s mind from 2013.

1. BLUE DAISY – ‘Used To Give A Fuck’ (from ‘Used To Give A Fuck EP’ on Black Acre Records).
2. K.FLAY & DANNY BROWN – ‘Hail Mary’ (from K.Flay’s soundcloud site).
3. BONDE DO ROLE vs BRITNEY SPEARS – ‘Marina Drop Dead (RICHARD L mashup)’ (from RICHARD L’s soundcloud).
4. SIRIUSMO – ‘Itchy’ (from ‘Enthusiast’ on Monkeytown Records).
5. DJ NOBODY – ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ (from ‘Spare Time Mixtape’ self-released).
6. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Only Child’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
7. JEE4CE – ‘Be Alright’ (from ‘My Friend Jack’ on Jee4ce’s bandcamp site) IRE.
8. RUSTIE – ‘Slasherr’ (from ‘Slasherr EP’ on LuckyMe Records).
9. DANNY BROWN – ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin’ (from ‘Old’ on Fools Gold Records).
10. SOPHIE – ‘Bipp’ (from ‘Bipp’ on LuckyMe Records).
11. GRAEME S & MYNAMEISJOHN & GODKNOWS – ‘Struggle’ (from ‘Struggle EP’ on their bandcamp) IRE.
12. RUN THE JEWELS – ‘Run The Jewels’ (from ‘Run The Jewels’ on Fools Gold Records).
13. LADY GREW – ‘Kenny Fuckin’ Powers’ (from ‘Put Tha Pink Up’ on Lady Grew’s bandcamp site) IRE.
14. BIG DOPE P – ‘Moveitlife’ (from ‘Diggity Two’ on Moveltrax Records).
15. LETHAL DIALECT – ’13 Til Infinity’ (from Lethal Dialect’s soundcloud site) IRE.
16. JAMBO & WILLA LEE – ‘The Habitat’ (from ‘Intervention’ on Jambo’s bandcamp site) IRE.
17. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Lusaka By Night’ (from ‘John Wizards’ on Planet Mu Records).
18. LETHAL DIALECT – ‘Keep It Real (DEVIANT remix) (from Deviant’s soundcloud site) IRE.
19. PUSHA T – ‘Numbers On The Board’ (from ‘My Name Is My Name’ on Def Jam Records).
20. DIPLO feat. ACTION BRONSON, RIFF-RAFF, MR MFKN EXQUIRE – ‘Rock Steady’ (from ‘Revolution’ on Mad Decent Records).
21. KARA KARA – ‘Lets Sue Teenagers’ (from ‘Ill Eagle’ on Kara Kara’s bandcamp site) IRE.
22. CHANCE THE RAPPER – ‘Everybody’s Something’ (from ‘Acidrap’ self-released).
23. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘I Heard’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
24. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Queen Is Dead’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
25. DIAMOND DAGGER & MELJOANN – ‘What’s Your Friends Name’ (from Diamond Dagger’s bandcamp site) IRE.
26. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – ‘Ode To John & Yoko (ODDLOGIC remix) (from Oddlogic’s bandcamp site).

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