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PCPRaidio – Ponzischeme (01-02-2014)

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PCPRaidio – Ponzischeme

Download, yo

Last weeks show, yo.
The big news this week is our boys Lakker , with their release ‘Containing A Thousand’ on R&S Records (home of Energy Flash, Horsepower, Digereedoo and, like, everything) next month.
Irish exclusives by VOIDS, Replete, and Rubberbandits from Sixfoot Apprentice in his part of the show.

1.After Party by Bangladesh
2.This Why Im Hot (Feat. Mims & Baby Cham) by Junior Reid
3.Love Thru The Speaker by Bangladesh
4.Buy by Bangladesh
5.Dance Ghost by Helado Negro
6. oixu by 18+
7.Every_Little_Thing_Remix_feat__Cam_ron__Irfane___Tekilatex by Para one_
8.No More by L-VIS 1990 Presents Dance System
9.So Sick by Bangladesh
10.Containing A Thousand by LAKKER(forthcoming R&S!!!)
11.Street Corp by Actress
12.Put It Down by Bangladesh
1. VOIDS – ‘Begin’ (unreleased) IRE.
2. FLUME & CHET FAKER – ‘Drop The Game’ (from ‘Lockjaw EP’ on Future Classic Records).
3. BIG KRIT – ‘The Vent (SWORDFIGHT remix)’ (from ‘Disciples Remixes Vol 1’ on Headtron Records).
4. CLIPPING – ‘Guns Up (BIZARRE RITUALS remix)’ (unreleased).
5. FEADZ – ‘Eastside (BIG DOPE P remix)’ (from ‘Instant Alpha’ on Ed Banger Records).
6. ICKIS MIROLO – ‘Bloated Float Corpse’ (from First Second Dublin’s soundcloud site) IRE.
7. REPLETE – ‘Hold Me’ (unreleased) IRE.
8. RUBBERBANDITS – ‘Dad’s Best Friend’ (unreleased) IRE.
9. VAMPIRE WEEKEND – ‘Step (remix feat. DANNY BROWN, DESPOT & HEEMS) (from The Fader site).
10. JINX LENNON – ‘Far Too Cosy’ (from ‘Hungry Bastard Hibernia’ on Jinx Lennon’s bandcamp site) IRE.
11. MOSCHOPS & COSTELLO – ‘Inca Curse’ (from ‘CosMos’ on Synapsid Studios bandcamp site) IRE.
12. COSTELLO – ‘See The Signs (feat. JAMBO)’ (from ‘Illosophical’ on Costello’s bandcamp site) IRE.

PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes

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PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes


A rake of tunes that blew SIXFOOT APPRENTICE’s mind from 2013.

1. BLUE DAISY – ‘Used To Give A Fuck’ (from ‘Used To Give A Fuck EP’ on Black Acre Records).
2. K.FLAY & DANNY BROWN – ‘Hail Mary’ (from K.Flay’s soundcloud site).
3. BONDE DO ROLE vs BRITNEY SPEARS – ‘Marina Drop Dead (RICHARD L mashup)’ (from RICHARD L’s soundcloud).
4. SIRIUSMO – ‘Itchy’ (from ‘Enthusiast’ on Monkeytown Records).
5. DJ NOBODY – ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ (from ‘Spare Time Mixtape’ self-released).
6. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Only Child’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
7. JEE4CE – ‘Be Alright’ (from ‘My Friend Jack’ on Jee4ce’s bandcamp site) IRE.
8. RUSTIE – ‘Slasherr’ (from ‘Slasherr EP’ on LuckyMe Records).
9. DANNY BROWN – ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin’ (from ‘Old’ on Fools Gold Records).
10. SOPHIE – ‘Bipp’ (from ‘Bipp’ on LuckyMe Records).
11. GRAEME S & MYNAMEISJOHN & GODKNOWS – ‘Struggle’ (from ‘Struggle EP’ on their bandcamp) IRE.
12. RUN THE JEWELS – ‘Run The Jewels’ (from ‘Run The Jewels’ on Fools Gold Records).
13. LADY GREW – ‘Kenny Fuckin’ Powers’ (from ‘Put Tha Pink Up’ on Lady Grew’s bandcamp site) IRE.
14. BIG DOPE P – ‘Moveitlife’ (from ‘Diggity Two’ on Moveltrax Records).
15. LETHAL DIALECT – ’13 Til Infinity’ (from Lethal Dialect’s soundcloud site) IRE.
16. JAMBO & WILLA LEE – ‘The Habitat’ (from ‘Intervention’ on Jambo’s bandcamp site) IRE.
17. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Lusaka By Night’ (from ‘John Wizards’ on Planet Mu Records).
18. LETHAL DIALECT – ‘Keep It Real (DEVIANT remix) (from Deviant’s soundcloud site) IRE.
19. PUSHA T – ‘Numbers On The Board’ (from ‘My Name Is My Name’ on Def Jam Records).
20. DIPLO feat. ACTION BRONSON, RIFF-RAFF, MR MFKN EXQUIRE – ‘Rock Steady’ (from ‘Revolution’ on Mad Decent Records).
21. KARA KARA – ‘Lets Sue Teenagers’ (from ‘Ill Eagle’ on Kara Kara’s bandcamp site) IRE.
22. CHANCE THE RAPPER – ‘Everybody’s Something’ (from ‘Acidrap’ self-released).
23. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘I Heard’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
24. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Queen Is Dead’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
25. DIAMOND DAGGER & MELJOANN – ‘What’s Your Friends Name’ (from Diamond Dagger’s bandcamp site) IRE.
26. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – ‘Ode To John & Yoko (ODDLOGIC remix) (from Oddlogic’s bandcamp site).

PCPRaidio Real House

Posted by homoludo on Dec 02 2013 Posted by homoludo on December 2nd, 2013 filed in radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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artist song album

1. Vin Sol-Edges of a Vortex-Edges of a Vortex
2. Alias G-3XG Anthem-Attention EP
3. Vin Sol, MATRiXXMAN-Real Fresh – It’s House
4. Vin Sol, Tyree Cooper-It’s House-It’s House
5. Alias G -Delite Tonite-Delite Tonite
6. Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’-Thriller
7. 1L- wanna be startin’ somethin‘- Das Nonstop-Programm
8. Objekt– Fishbone-Objekt #3
9. Daedelus-Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset)-For Withered Friends / Touchtone CDS Promo [ZENCDS225P]
10. Objekt-Agnes Demise-Objekt #3
11. Vin Sol- Voice Chip Activ8 -Edges of a Vortex(excerpt)
13. Joane Skyler – Foam -‘orz

1. TNGHT – R U Ready – (unreleased)
2. DANNY BROWN – Dope Song – from ‘Old LP’ – (Fools Gold Records)
3. CHRISSY MURDERBOT – The Original – from ‘The Original’ – (Shoot Records)
4. PRINCE KONG – Speakers – (unreleased) IRE
5. BIG DOPE P – Moveitlife – from ‘Diggity Two’ – (Moveltraxx Records)
6. MIKE G – Sprung Broke – from ‘Mad-Hop 13’ – (Mad-Hop Records)
7. OM UNIT & SAM BINGA – Triffidz – from ‘Mosaic Volume 2’ (Exit Records)
8. KOLOAH – Bulldozer – from ‘Mad-Hop 13’ – (Mad-Hop Records)
9. DANNY BROWN – Blunt After Blunt (BIG DOPE P Remix) – (soundcloud)
10. SNARE BARE – Tattoo Wahr – (unreleased) IRE
11. SNARE BARE – Untitled 2 – (unreleased) IRE
12. B.O.B. & LIL WAYNE – Strange Clouds (BIG DOPE P Remix) – from ‘Movelt Posse Episode 5′ – (Moveltraxx Records)
13. CROOKERS – Bust Em Up (SLICK SHOOTA Remix) – (soundcloud)

PCPRaidio Upregulate

Posted by homoludo on Nov 22 2013 Posted by homoludo on November 22nd, 2013 filed in radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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PCPRaidio Upregulate

Future Jungle shapes to begin with from Adrian Sherwood and Pinch, Mark Pritchard , Machinedrum and Rockwell. Followed by a grime war dub from Kahn and Neek and into some new house and blown techno from Heatsick, Container and more.

Finishing off with a couple of Lou Reed (Bela Lugosi’s Dead) tunes, most likely ones not played on other fm shows in Ireland.

Bela Lugosi

Download or click to play

Artist               Tune                    Album

1. Mark Pritchard-Make A Livin-Make A Livin’
2. Sherwood & Pinch Music Killer (Machinedrum Remix)-Music Killer
3. Jubei Feat. Flowdan-Say Nothin’ (Rockwell Remix)-Say Nothin’
4. Rockwell- Reverse Engineering-Lartsekrad (LARTSEKRAD)
5. Kahn and Neek-soundboy oblitorator-War dubs(soundcloud)
6. Nguzunguzu-Break In- Skycell EP
7. Four Tet-Kool FM (Container remix) Kool FM (Remixes)
8. Heatsick-Snakes & Ladders-Snakes & Ladders EP
9. Doc Daneeka-Trife Pt. II- Walk On In EP
10. Mark Pritchard-Fabulous Fred-Make A Livin’
11. 1991-Reborn Ice Horn-1991
12. JULIA HOLTER- In the Same Room
13. 2 Nice girls-Sweet Jane (With Affection)
14. Lou Reed & Metallica-Brandenburg Gate-Lulu
1. VOIDS – The Fear – (unreleased) IRE
2. LEWIS JAMES – Bonus Frog – (soundcloud) IRE
3. HUDSON MOHAWKE – Midas Girl Mashup – (self-released)
4. ACTION BRONSON – Contemporary Man – from ‘Blue Chips 2’ (self-released)
5. PUSHA T – Numbers On The Boards – from ‘My Name Is My Name’ (Def Jam Records)
6. T-WOC – Bruk Down The Walls – (unreleased) IRE
7. NIGHTWAVE – Vimana – from ‘Luxor EP’ (Heka Trax Records)
8. MYNAMEISJOHN & GRAEME S & GODKNOWS – Struggle – Struggle EP (bandcamp) IRE
9. JACKSON & HIS COMPUTERBAND – Vista (HUDSON MOHAWKE Remix) – from ‘GI Jane’ (Warp Records)
10. DEMDIKE STARE – Collision – Testpressing#1 – (Modern Love Records)

PCPRaidio – Haunted House

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Scary biznezz  and haunted techno  this week for Halloween. Music from The Haxan Cloaks’ amazing new album, a sprinkling of new stuff from mod synth don Container , a classic from Raime, Morphosis from the Vampyr soundtrack, JG Thirwell working as Steroid Maximus and a creepy use of Josh Winx’s Don’t Laugh. And finishing with my horror garage find of the year Kenn Kerr and the Idols with Haunted House.

PCPRaidio – Haunted House

Right click to download or just click to play

artist song album

1. The Haxan Cloak -Excavation (Part 2) -Excavation
2. Raime -We Must Hunt-Under The Wreckage Of Many Systems- Raime ep.
3. Yves De Mey- Metrics- Metrics
4. The Haxan Cloak -Dieu- Excavation
5. Steroid Maximus –Ogro -Quilombo
6. Steroid Maximus- The Smother Brother -Quilombo
7. Morphosis -Music For Vampyr (i) Arrival -Dismantle
8. Container -Saturated -Treatment EP
9. Mykki Blanco -The Initiation -Betty Rubble: The Initiation
10. Container- Obstruction- Treatment EP
11. L/F/D/M -Tracer -Purple Maps
12. Winx- Don’t Laugh (Josh Wink Raw Mix)– XL-Recordings: The 5th Chapter
13. Kenneth Willimas – Frying tonight-Carry on Screaming movie excerpt
14. Kennn Kerr & the Idols -Haunted House
1. DIPLO – Rock Steady feat. Action Bronson, Riff-Raff & Mr Mfkn Exquire – ‘Revolution EP’ – Mad Decent Records.
2. DANNY BROWN – Side A – ‘Old LP’ – Fools Gold Records
3. FULGEANCE – Nightwalker – ‘Cubes LP’ – Musique Large Records
4. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF-RAFF – Ode To John & Yoko (Oddlogic Remix) – ‘Oddlogic Remixes Volume 5’ – Bandcamp
5. 96WRLD – Slave – ‘Private Language LP’ – Error Broadcast Records
6. BLAKESMITH – Alacreche – ‘Wakanda EP’ – Cosmonostro Records
7. BEAUTIFUL LOU – Long Pinky feat. Action Bronson & Riff-Raff – Adult Swim Singles Series
8. FRIENDZONE – Retail Xtal – ‘DX LP’ – Bandcamp
9. EPROM – Centre Of The Sun – ‘Halflife LP’ – Rwina Records
10. MYNAMEISJOHN & GRAEME S & GODKNOWS – Struggle – ‘Struggle EP’ – Bandcamp (IRE)
11. EPROM – Screwface – ‘Halflife LP’ – Rwina Records
12. DEV79 – Make It Rain – ‘Street Bass Bootlegs’ – Seclusiasis Records
13. DANNY BROWN – Dope Song – ‘Old LP’ – Fools Gold Records
14. RICISHADE – The Way We’re Living – ‘Product Of A Brooklyn Seed LP’ – Bandcamp (IRE)


PCPRaidio Breathing

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Last night’s show, in two parts ’cause of stuff. My Section starting off with Wilmouth Houdini’s calypso which contains the sample used in the next tune,  a fav of mine, Wilmot. The following sections contain swirly female vocal science, classic smoking’ fags and worrying cyber Rn’B anthem from Tweet, into porn ghetto tech, dissolving into Tim Hecker’s astounding  Stab Variations from his new album and on into blown and jackin‘  beats from Boats and Shit and Shine. Player acting funny , for no particular reason, just click the download link to listen.

PCPRaidio Breathing part 1



PCPRaidio Breathing part 2



artist song album

1. Wilmoth Houdini with Gerald Clark’s Night Owls-Black but Sweet  –   Wilmoth Houdini: Poor but Ambitious
2. The Sabres Of Paradise-   Wilmot (Red Snapper remix) Warp 10+3 Remixes
3. Skirt -Collider (Bitten By The Black Dog) -Bitten By The Black Dog
4. A Made Up Sound- Demons (Reprise)– Demons
5. Danny Brown Feat. A$AP Rocky & Zelooperz- Kush Coma- Old
6. Four Tet -Parallel Jalebi- Beautiful Rewind
7. Koreless– 4D
8. Tweet- Smoking Cigarettes -Southern Hummingbird
9. Aaron Carl- 21 Positions -Detrevolution
10. EDMX -Breathe Deeply Frozen Stomp
11. Tim Hecker- Stab Variation- Virgins
12. The Boats – Fractals- Nomenclature
13. Shit and Shine- Value -DIAG004
1. BITWISE & MADEK – Track 2 – ‘Gamelan Re-Imaginings’ – Bandcamp (IRE)
2. 3:33 – EP1-2 – ‘EP1’ – Parallel Thought Records
3. EPIGON ADM – Escalators – ‘The Volume Of Things Falling From Notice’ – Bandcamp (IRE)
4. BANTUM – New String feat. Owensie – ‘Lay Lay EP’ – Bandcamp (IRE)
5. ILEX – Bi – ‘ MV101 EP’ – Bandcamp (IRE)
6. HUNTER-GATHERER – Risen – Bandcamp (IRE)
7. BLUEFOOD – Lume – Soundcloud (IRE)
8. DEMDIKE STARE – Hashashin Chant – ‘Tryptych LP’ – Modern Love Records

PCPRaidio Jackin’ tape and dubin’ desks

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PCPRaidio Jackin’ tape and dubin’ desks




artist song album
1. Tuff Sherm -Burglar Loops Burglar Loops
2. The Boats -Ergodicity -Nomenclature
3. Frank Vigroux- New York
4. Dead girlfriends -On fraternity -Stop pretending
5. Death Grips- Birds- Birds
6. Rashad Becker- Dances III Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I
7. Tesox-GoAhead_London
8. Dynamo City- One_Night_In_Hackney_Saturday_Night_In_Shoreditch_Mix – Stay up forever
9. Emptyset -Instant- Recur
10. The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy- The Reaping -The Electro Compendium
11. Ricardo Donoso -The Bow and the Lyre Assimilating the Shadow
12. Underground Resistance/ Perception Mirage Interstellar Fugitives
13. DJ Stingray -VLF device-Electronic Countermeasures
14. Earl Sweatshirt -Hoarse -Doris
JAM CITY – ‘Earthly’ MIX
1.Cocteau Twins – Lorolei (edit)
2.Beek – Ckuntie
3.Suku – Barb Wire Riddim
4.EDMX – Ragga Clash
5.Beek – Higher
6.Jam City – Bird
7.DJ King Tiger-Z – Celebrate (JC edit x MikeQ drums)
8.Dizzee Rascal – Trapped
9.Jam City – Worst Illusion
10.Fiedel x J Holiday – Andreas It’s You
11.Helix – Untitled (E Mix)
12.Spooky – Nightcrawler
13.Divoli S’vere – Ckunt Pressure x Pass The Dutch
14.DJ King Tiger-Z – Shake It Fast
15.DJ K Millz – That Ass Fat pt.II (feat DJ Uniique)
16.Neana – Jaw Breaker
17.Jam City – Garlands
18.Frett – Bark
19.Whitney Houston x Danny Weed – It’s Not Creeper But It’s Ok
20.Rihanna – If It’s Lovin That U Want (Spooky Refix / JC edit)
21.Buddah – #WorkHa
22.Sleetmute Nightmute – Night Of The Long Knives


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PCPRaidio Did you miss me?



artist song album
1. Young Gods -Did You Miss Me? -Young Gods
3. E.M.M.A. -Shoot the Curl- Blue Gardens
4. Lil Silva -No Doubt (feat. Rosie Lowe)– The Distance
5. DJ Q Big -Q Bass Trax 1
6. Funkystepz -Butterfly -Narcotics
7. DJ Q- Come With Me -Q Bass Trax 1
8. Lil Silva -Tyler project Mix
9. Lil Silva- Shutter
10. Kahn & Neek Dubchat- Backchat / Dubchat
11. Kahn & Neek Backchat -Backchat / Dubchat
12. Andy Stott Up the box -Luxury Problems
13. Funkystepz– Voodoo Mind Fuck
14. DJ Haus Cold As Ice- Thug Houz Anthems, Vol. 1
15. Pearson Sound -Crimson (Beat Ritual Mix)– REM
16. Mark Pritchard-Soundboy Fuck Off- Lock Off
18. Jeffery Lewis -Secureacore- 12 Crass Songs
1. THE BUG – ‘Kill Dem (feat. Daddy Freddy)’ (from ‘Filthy EP’ on Ninja Tune)
2. SERT ONE – ‘Three One Third’ (from Sert One’s Soundcloud site) IRE
3. 813 – ‘Floristique’ (from 813’s Bandcamp site)
4. 813 – ‘Plumbious Bubbles’ (from 813’s Bandcamp site)
5. EOMAC – ‘I Love You I Miss You’ (from ‘Hither Pappy EP’ on The Trilogy Tapes Records) IRE
6. TEISHI-1 – ‘Glass (Mad EP Remix)’ (from ‘Sunshine Hexagon EP’ on Boy Scout Audio Records) IRE
7. CHRISSY MURDERBOT – ‘The Original’ (unreleased – forthcoming Hyperboloid Records)
8. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Muizenburg’ (from ‘John Wizards LP’ on Planet Mu Records)
9. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Lusaka By Night’ (from ‘John Wizards LP’ on Planet Mu Records)
10. RICHIE !KABOOGIE – ‘Feel It’ (from Richie !Kaboogie’s Soundcloud site) IRE
11. SLUGABED – ‘Oomph Wow’ (from Slugabed’s Bandcamp site)
12. SUBP YAO – ‘Thunderclap’ (from Subp Yao’s Bandcamp site)
13. SUBP YAO – ‘Bottles Poppin’ (from Subp Yao’s Bandcamp site)


PCPRaidio Bush Punk

Posted by homoludo on Sep 09 2013 Posted by homoludo on September 9th, 2013 filed in radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice
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Artist Song Album
1. Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch Meltdown Oratorio Stinkfist
2. Scraping Fetus
Off the Wheel                Satan’s Place    Hole
3. Chris Lawhorn Cassavetes / F/D / Waiting Room / Latest Disgrace Fugazi Edits
4. Chris Lawhorn Combination Lock / Furniture / Song #1 / Burning Too Fugazi Edits
5. Chris Lawhorn Sweet and Low / Fell, Destroyed / Cashout / Blueprint Fugazi Edits
6. Chris Lawhorn Caustic Acrostic / Two Beats Off / Epic Problem / Number 5 Fugazi Edits
7. Fugazi Waiting Room 13 Songs
8. The Ex & Brass Unbound Theme From Konono No.2 Enormous Door
9. Sewn Leather Illumiknotty Dread Souterrain Transmissions Presents:
“The Ultimate Turn On” Vol.2
10. Conqueror Highest Order Off The Traxx / Highest Order
11. FRAK As You May Muzika Electronic
12. Sleeparchive 3 A Man Dies In The Street Pt. 1
13. MCMXCI Untitled 4 Skogen, Flickan och Flaskan
1. REPLETE – ‘Interlude’ (from Replete’s Soundcloud site) IRE
2. MONTO – ‘Break Bread 3’ (from Monto’s Soundcloud site) IRE
3. NANU NANU – ‘The Gift’ (from Nanu Nanu’s Bandcamp site) IRE
4. ALIEN HAND – ‘Be Seeing You’ (from Alien Hand’s Bandcamp site) IRE
5. JEE4CE – ‘Be Alright’ (from Jee4ce’s Bandcamp site) IRE
6. JEE4CE – ‘Problem’ (from Jee4ce’s Bandcamp site) IRE
7. LEWIS JAMES – ‘Powerchild (EAN Remix)’ (from Original Cultures’ Bandcamp site) IRE
8. DEVIANT – ‘Vanilla Midgets’ (from Deviant’s Soundcloud site) IRE
9. ALMIGHTY SION – ‘Basket’ (from Original Cultures’ Bandcamp site) IRE
10. LADY GREW – ‘Bye Bye Bigot’ (from Lady Grew’s Bandcamp site) IRE
11. BLUEFOOD – ‘Doctor Who Cares’ (from Bluefood’s Soundcloud site) IRE
12. HARRY FRAUD – ‘Yacht Lash (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff)

A month of misanthropic of Sundays

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Lots of fun, the last while, with pahtays and full gigs( here, here , and following Janek Schaefer  here, here etc. Maybe I should plug gigs before they happen, but why discentivise peoples’ use of their detective skills?)   but that fun,  along with some podcast related admin guilt, has meant I’ve neglected this blog. That goes against my lean and mean PR strategy for self as brand, which reminds me , must get a Facebook I can neglect and link in with everybody…and be everybodies friend in a professional, friendly  manner…hmm…if I brand myself will it get better?

And now. A letter from out sponsor. The  radio shows are below.

Letter on Time and Work by Sean Bonney

So I guess by now you’ll have recovered from the voodoo routines at St Pauls. Guess its nice that we won’t have to pronounce the syllables Margaret Thatcher again. It all seems very distant now, like when you’ve been up for four nights, finally get some sleep, and then you’re sitting there drinking a cup of coffee trying to remember what the hell you’ve been up to. Do you remember that feeling? I still get it every now and again. Though obviously not very often these days. Anyway, the thing I remember most clearly is Glenda Jackson’s speech in parliament, yeh, when all the rest of them were wittering on about Thatcher and God and the entire fucking cosmos and there was Jackson laying out a few home truths. But really, it’s a measure of the weirdness of those few days how fearless that speech seemed: and, obviously, a measure of the weirdness that it actually was some kind of act of bravery. Tho the best bit was when the anonymous Tory MP started wailing “I can’t stand it” in the middle of it. Like, no, motherfucker, we can’t stand it either. We haven’t been able to stand it for years. Anyway, after listening to Jackson’s speech on youtube a few times, I went and checked her voting record in parliament – bit of a letdown, yeh. Abstained on the workfare vote, yeh. So that’s her, she can fuck off. She made a much better speech back in 1966, I think it was, playing Charlotte Corday in the film of Peter Weiss’ “Marat-Sade” – I guess you remember it, yeh, she’s up at the top of a ladder, going off her head, and screaming something along the lines of “what is this city, what is this thing they’re dragging through the streets?”. Christ, if she’d done that in parliament, I might have rethought my relationship with electoral politics. Well, maybe not. But seriously, what was that thing they were dragging through the streets on April 17th, or whatever day it was. Through that silenced, terrified city. I thought of Thatcher as some kind of rancid projectile, and they were firing her back into time, and the reverberations from wherever it was she landed, probably some time in around 1946, were clearly a more-or-less successful attempt to erase everything that wasn’t in a dull, harmonic agreement with whatever it is those vampires in parliament are actually trying to do with us. Firing us into some kind of future constructed on absolute fear. Or that future is a victorious vacuum, a hellish rotating disc of gratuitous blades, and they are speaking to you, those blades, and what they are saying is this: “one day you will be unemployed, one day you will be homeless, one day you will become one of the invisible, and monsters will suck whatever flesh remains on your cancelled bones”. And the grotesque and craggy rhythms of those monsters are already in our throats, right now. In our throats, our mouths, the cracked centre of our language transformed into the fascist syllables that are ring-fenced right in the middle of electoral democracy. Sharp barking. A geometrical city of forced dogs, glycerin waves, gelignite. What a strange, negative expression of the scandalous joy we were all feeling, pissed out of our heads in Brixton, in Trafalgar Square, all of those site of ancient disturbances suddenly blasted wide apart, as if for even one minute we were actually alive. We were the defect in parliamentary law on those nights. That is, we were absolutely lawful. I walked home and I wanted to spray-paint “Never Work” on the wall of every Job Centre I passed, but already that foul, virtuous fear was sinking back into me, taking possession of my every step. I was thinking about Blanqui, right at the end of his life, sitting in his prison cell, knowing full well that what he was writing he was going to be writing for ever, that he would always be wearing the clothes he was wearing, that he would always be sitting there, that his circumstances would never, ever change. I was thinking about how the work-ethic these days is evoked obsessively, like in some kind of ritual, and how that work is absolutely fictional, an invisibility blocking every pavement I was walking down. I wanted to cry. In fact I think I did. Oh shit. Ancient disturbances. Ghost towns and marching bands. Invisible factories. Nostalgia crackling into pain and pure noise. No sleep. No dreams. An endless, undifferentiated regime of ersatz work. All of us boiled down into some stupid, Tory alarm clock. A ringing so loud we can no longer even hear it. Oh christ, I’m sorry. You don’t need to hear this shit, I know that things are getting bad for you as well. I kind of think you should ignore this letter. But please, I need you to reply. I need to know there is life out there.

So mon ami, here are the radio shows Sixfoot and I did in the last couple of months. I’ll fill in and fix up the tracklists over the next week or two.

PCPCRaidio_Filthy_Mc_Nasty -Haunted jungleology and Rustie esque dance/ hip hop hybrid



artist      song      album    label


  1. Jubei Feat. Flowdan- Say Nothin’ (Rockwell Remix)- Say Nothin’
  2. Pixel-Ericson Sandstone – Mantle
  3. Lee Gamble-Dollis Hill – Diversions 1994-1996
  4. Miles – Lebensform -Faint Hearted
  5. Aaron Dilloway -Side B-  Songs About Jason B
  6. Lee Gamble – Rufige- Diversions 1994-1996
  7. DSCRD-Aedificare- Stellate 4
  8. JK Flesh – Obedient Automaton -Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination
  9. Pete Swanson-Punk Authority-Punk Authority
  10. Staga – Wild For The Night (Doshy Remix)
  11. A$AP Rocky Featuring Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam – Wild for the Night
  12. Starlito- Lurking with the Roosters (prod. by DJ Spinz & Southside)
  13. Doshy-Hornets -Electrophilic EP
  14. Gunpay – Foodchain
  15. Flava D- Home
  16. Pete Swanson-Punk Authority-Punk Authority


  1. SPEKULATIV FIKTION – “Night Owls” (from ‘Deathly Words’ on Spekulativ Fiktion’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  2. ANGEL HAZE – “On The Edge” (from Angel Haze’s Soundcloud site)
  3. ACTION BRONSON – “Compliments To The Chef (feat. Lauriana Mae)” (from Action Bronson’s Soundcloud site)
  4. JOEY BADA$$ & HARRY FRAUD – “Day In The Life” (from Harry Fraud’s Soundcloud site)
  5. T-WOC – “Sufferers” (from ‘Hoshorom EP’ on Invisible Agent Records) IRE
  6. GLITTERFACE – “Naughty Girl” (from Glitterface’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  7. K.FLAY & DANNY BROWN – “Hail Mary” (from K.Flay’s Soundcloud site)
  8. CAPLETON – “Dash Fire (KROMESTAR Remix)” (from Kromestar’s Soundcloud site)
  9. ANGEL HAZE vs JAMIE XX – “New York Is Killing Me (THE 83RD Remix)” (from Angel Haze’s Soundcloud site)
  10. RUBY GOE – “Get On It (EAN Remix)” (from EAN’s Soundcloud site)
  11. RUSTIE – “Slasherr” (from ‘Slasherr’ on LuckyMe Records)
  12. CANDIE HANK – “We All Go Die Tonight” (from ‘Groucho Running’ on Sonig Records)


PCPCRaidio_Buy_Out_Barbee_Q  Ska, reggae and dancehall(on the buy out riddim) fit for kiddies and barbees,  dancehall/french ragga jungle, summery experimental house



artist song album label

1. The Granville Williams Orchestra – Old McDonald Ska -Trojan Reggae For Kids Box Set
2. Ernest Ranglin – Surfin’ -The Rebirth of Cool 6
3. Collie Buddz Herb Tree
4. Elan – Red_Red_Wine
5. Beenie Man Row Buy out
6. Sean Paul – Like_Glue
7. RCola Nuttin A Go So Nuttin A Go So / Pass The Dutchie
8. Unknown-??? – Jungle party)french ragga jungle bootleg vinyl with bad titles
9. Unknown yu want everything- Jungle party)french ragga jungle
10. Unknown – AC Tone – feat Prince Speedy P & Lord Kossity – french ragga jungle bootleg vinyl with bad titles
11. Unknown-Tic tac- Daddy Pleen ??? – Jungle party)french ragga jungle bootleg vinyl with bad titles
12. Unknown-??? – Jungle party)french ragga jungle bootleg vinyl with bad titles
13. Sound Stream aka Soundhack Julie’s Theme Julie’s Theme
14. Fennez-Fa_Mark_Fell_Remix
15. Annie The Greatest Hit (Dub Mix)


  1. UNCLE LEW – “Contemporary Man” (from ‘V/A 2013’ on Alkalinear Records) IRE
  2. LETHAL DIALECT – “Keep It Real (RICHIE KABOOGIE Remix)” (from Richie Kaboogie’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  3. MISSING FUNDAMENTAL – “Slop Hop” (from Missing Fundamental’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  4. MADEK – “Straight Up No Messing” (from ‘Meas Mór’ on Alkalinear Records) IRE
  5. T-WOC – “Sufferers” (from ‘Hoshorom EP’ on Invisible Agent Records) IRE
  6. GLITTERFACE – “Naughty Girl” (from Glitterface’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  7. POWER – “Longer Days Darker Nights” (from XLR8R site) IRE
  8. REPLETE – “Deesect” (from ‘Replete EP’ on Replete’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  9. EEOO – “Haunted Dancefloor” (from ‘Angel EP’ on Eomac’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  10. MAJOR GRAVE – “Paramedics” (from Major Grave’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  11. CL MOONS & LEMONADA – “Nino Future Of Latin” (from CL Moons’ Soundcloud site) IRE


PCPRaidio__We_Had_Dream_Last_Night        Creepy techno about twins, noisy hip hop.



Artist Title Album

The Pharcyde L.A. JAY Remix Otha Fish
Le1f Pocahontas ft. Kitty Pryde (produced by Drippin) Fly Zone
Clipping intro mediocrity
Yves De Mey D1 Ice Carrier Counting Trigger
clipping killer (ft. kill rogers) midcity
Autechre recks on Exai
Biosphere Phantasm Patashnik
Polar Inertia The Last Vehicle The Last Vehicle EP
Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke’s 312 Mix)
Rageous Projecting Kevin Aviance  – Cunty (The Feeling) (Party Mix) Voguing & The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1976-96
Zebra Katz – Imma read –  Tricky Remix feat Tricky and Gangsta Boo
Container- Paralyzed- LP
Gesloten Cirkel Twisted Balloon (M-009)
Emptyset Function: Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter Variation) Demiurge Variations
Alice Donut -Tiny Ugly World- Mule


  1. MAJOR GRAVE – “Paramedics” (from Major Grave’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  2. LETHAL DIALECT – “Keep It Real (RICHIE KABOOGIE Remix)” (from Richie Kaboogie’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  3. MISSING FUNDAMENTAL – “Slop Hop” (from Missing Fundamental’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  4. RUSTIE – “Slasherr” (from ‘Slasherr’ on LuckyMe Records)
  5. UNCLE LEW – “Contemporary Man” (from ‘V/A 2013’ on Alkalinear Records) IRE
  6. BACONHEAD – “Lobsters” (from ‘Hawaii EP’ on Eat Concrete Records)
  7. SPOOKHOUSE – “DNMO” (from ‘V/A 2013’ on Alkalinear Records) IRE
  8. SWARM INTELLIGENCE – “Chasing Shadows” (from ‘V/A 2013’ on Alkalinear Records) IRE






  1. DIPLO – “Must Be A Devil” (from ‘Blow Your Head EP’ on Mad Decent Records).
  2. PRGZ – “Stompin” (unreleased).
  3. M.I.A. – “U.R.A.Q.T. (DJ C Remix)” (from ‘U.R.A.Q.T. EP’ on XL Records).
  4. THE BEATLES – “Twist & Shout (HOLLERTRONIX Remix)” (from ‘Hollertronix 3’ on Hollertronix Records).
  5. DJ C – “Jump Up & Bounce” (from ‘Unami LP’ on Mashit Records).
  6. PRGZ – “Hood Celebrity” (from ‘Fear & Loathing In Hunts Vegas’ on Mad Decent Records).
  7. DIPLO – “Fuji Ouija” (unreleased).
  8. KID 606 – “Mr. Wobbles Nightmare (SQUIRE OF GOTHOS Remix)” (unreleased).
  9. SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – “Big Yellow Smiley Faces” (from ‘We Do Scorpion Tings’ on Rag & Bone Records).
  10. DEAD PREZ – “Hip-Hop (SQUIRE OF GOTHOS Remix)” (unreleased).
  11. DJ C – “Du Ting” (from ‘Unami LP’ on Mashit Records).
  12. KANYE WEST – “Golddigger (DIPLO Remix)” (from Mad Decent’s soundcloud site).
  13. DJ C – “Nuttin Atall” (from ‘Sonic Weapons LP’ on Mashit Records).
  14. SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – “Bounty Ice-cream” (from ‘Rave Lord EP’ on Electrostimulation Records).
  15. DELACY – “Hideaway (SQUIRE OF GOTHOS Remix)” (unreleased).
  16. SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – “Life’s A Bitch” (unreleased).
  17. S-TYPE – “River Of Slime” (from XLR8R site).
  18. RICHIE KABOOGIE – “Sci-fi Radge” (unreleased). IRE
  19. RUSTIE – “Slasherr” (from ‘Slasherr’ on LuckyMe Records)
  20. CANDIE HANK – “We All Go Die Tonight” (from ‘Groucho Running’ on Sonig Records)
  21. LETHAL DIALECT – “Keep It Real (RICHIE KABOOGIE Remix)” (from Richie Kaboogie’s Soundcloud site) IRE
  22. CYLOB – “Rewind” (from ‘Rewind EP’ on Warp Records).
  23. APHEX TWIN – “Donkey Rhubarb” (from ‘Donkey Rhubarb EP’ on Warp Records).