PCPRaidio Afro Futuristic Caribbean Bar_Bee

Posted by homoludo on September 8th, 2014 filed in radio shows


Afro Caribbean styles for evening dining into Sci fi techno and spoken word for the dystopic night. (The Fracis Bebey is from 82 btw and extraordinary)

1.It Was A Good Day (Instrumental) by Ice Cube

2.It Was A Good Day (Radio Version) by Ice Cube
3.Scratch Yer Hed (Square Pusher Mix) by DJ Food
4.The Coffee Cola Song by Francis Bebey
5.My car by Tony Tetula
6.Capitalism_gone_mad by Mighty_Sparrow
7.Dancehall Brawl by Mighty Sparrow
8.Red_Red_Wine by Elan
9.Row Buy out riddim by Beenie Man
10.Like_Glue by Sean Paul
11.Nuttin A Go So by RCola
12.Lusaka by night by John Wizzards
13.Golden Brown (aphrodite remix) by Kaleef
14.Dirty Mind by Prince
15.Occupy by Beneath
16.Lined Up by Kyoka
17.Re-Pulsion by Kyoka
18.Micro Rave Suite by Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum
19.Shutter Speed by Dark Sky
20.Point by Emptyset
21.No U Turn by Powell
22.Maniac (feat. Russell Haswell) by Powell
23.Herion Substance d etc by Philip k dick
24.Lust Abandon (Powell Reconstruction) by Silent Servant
25.I don’t wanna disco or two by Sleaford Mods

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