PCPRadio Black Bubbles

Posted by homoludo on September 19th, 2014 filed in radio shows

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Weird techno like what would be played at a rave in Baron Harkonen’s gaff. With two Irish tunes in the mix – EeOo (eomac,lakker) with a proper acid banger on Unknown to the Unknown and industrial techno from the mysterious Mekonion. The bass drops in Bow#1will make you catch your breath. Into quirky rave and house.

2.Battery Baby by EeOo
3.Scythians by M.E.S.H.
4.Ugly Machine by Mekonion
5.Bow#1 by AnD
6.viperhold by sentinel
7.What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? by Cylob
8.Keep The Fire Burning by The House Crew
9.Late Night Trip by Lake Haze
10.Traxmen/Eric Mart by Hit it from the back
11.Drop da bomb by DJ Deeon
12.Werk’d it by MikeQ&Dj Sliink
13.The Cat by MikeQ
14.Say it Slowly feat Arthur Scargill by Mark Fell Dj Sprinkles
15.7 ways by Hercules
16.3XG Anthem by Alias G
17.Edges of a Vortex by Vin Sol
18.PCPRadio Mardi gras stalker mix by PCP

castle harkonnen

castle harkonnen




4 Responses to “PCPRadio Black Bubbles”

  1. krossie Says:

    Particularly great show. Shared it with antrophe and he immediately came up with this born again twenty years on vogueing – watch out for spilled eider down at about 19.

    Brenmar b2b MikeQ Boiler Room NYC DJ Set http://youtu.be/shYmiY4xMgg

  2. homoludo Says:

    Cheers, , the dance bloc one is more of the same. have that dancemania virus that’s goin’ around. Likin’ the bremnar, in quick the with the bring in the Katz , which i cane. check dj sliink – Emergeny off the vibrate ep. one of the best and most ravey tunes from this style.

  3. homoludo Says:

    also -http://www.keepcalmstudio.com/_gallery/300/Tpecgl.png

  4. Krossie Says:

    Ta dude – I need to check in here more often 😉

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