PCPRaidio – SMSs from Kinshasa Witches – 20 Sept 2014

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Mostly new tunes. Starts with 18+ and their polymorphously perverse gobble you up hip hop/house, into 2 from Kane West’s playful and wicked new house ep, into a basement techno workout with 2 from Prostitutes, new ambient house from Call Super and Lee Gamble. CIRCLONT6A off the new Aphex Twin into Spaces, the tightest sounding Irish Producer. Neo-rave from Tielse, Cosmic Carny voodoo from Flying Lotus, Sun Ra and Lee Perry, mashed into the Happy mondays/Love/GEoRGiA. And finally a Clap!Clap! section ending inappropriately with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu track from her new album.

1.Allineed by 18+
2. dry by 18+
3.good price by Kane West
4.power of social media by Kane West
5.Build Your Kits by Prostitutes
6.Dragged It Home to Bed by Prostitutes
7.Snipe by Call Super
8.Head Model by Lee Gamble
9.CIRCLONT6A (Syrobonkus Mix) by Aphex Twin
10.In wait by Spaces
11.Palette by Tielsie
12.Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Flying Lotus
13.Dance of the Cosmo Aliens by Sun Ra
14.Penguin by Lazyboy Feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry
15.Hallelujah – Club Mix by Happy Mondays
16.Regular Lovers by Love Inks
17.Hard Lie This by GEoRGiA
18.Universal Modulator (Kujhmak) by Clap x 2
19.Sailing in the Seas of Wood by Clap! Clap!
20.pr by Kane West
21.Burbuka by Clap! Clap!
22.Ashiko by clapx2
23.Universal Modulator (Ujmubuam) by Clap! Clap!
24.do do pi do by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
25.Chain by Moleskin

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