PCPRadio Where’s Kev?

Posted by homoludo on July 22nd, 2008 filed in balkan, brass, music, radio shows

score for Rumenye

Just spent a few days in Berlin after coming from Croatia. Had some great pictures of all the baldy pigeons there but my camera got scrambled.

Appropriately enough recorded this show of balkan/eastern high energy with Keven Culhane before I left. The first record is mine – Nathan Szpiro met his wife after being part of a Jewish regiment that liberated the concentration camp she was in. He’s a Klezmer Vaudevillian -I’ll post the record cover when I get home, it’s hilarious. The rest are Kev’s selections, he’ll be Dj’ing with us at the Gramophone Disco at Mantua next week and the electric picnic at the end of August.

  1. Nathan Szpiro- Rumenye, Rumenye
  2. A Little Marching Band – Alarm
  3. Extra Action Marching Band – ?
  4. ?? Unknown Russian Groop?
  5. Nayekhovichi – Borsht
  6. Volga Volga – Belyar Rosy
  7. Golem – Odessa
  8. Mahala Rai Banda – Kibori
  9. Kal – Dvojka
  10. Bregovic – Sex
  11. Fanfare Savale – Luteala Caprii
  12. Fanfare Ciocarlia – ?
  13. Zdravko Colic – Merak Mi Ja
  14. ?? Makedonian Superstar?
  15. Youngblood Brass Band – Brooklyn
  16. Slavic Soul Party – Cocek Nirvana
  17. ??Ex-Yugo Lads – Majicki
  18. Mojakka – ?
  19. Gogol Bordello – East Infection
  20. Red Elvises – Cosmaunaut Petrov
  21. The Ukrainians – Batyar
  22. Leningrad – ?
  23. ?? Russian Punk?
  24. Russaja – Dobro Abend
  25. O’Djila – Bil Bul
  26. Fulgerica Mahala Gypsies
  27. Korcani Orkestar – Siki Siki Baba
  28. Claude Cannes – Mao Mao

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  1. krossie Says:

    Class show – particularly liked the Smiths in Ukranian!


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