PCPRadio The Northern Sound! 2 Feb 08

Posted by homoludo on February 5th, 2008 filed in radio shows, techno

raggety boy

This week show is mostly techno from Scotland and the north of England, from the mid to late nineties. Weird bass, spidery clicking rhythms, lost processed voices. It was for me the most interesting techno of the period. it feels somehow current again. a lot of it could slip unnoticed into a dubstep set at the moment. I’ll write more and fix up the track list later.

1.    The wee Dj’s remixing      REquest by Sillicon Scally
2.    Dave Tarrida – Horrormone
3.    Dave Tarrida – Stop the ride
4.    Dave Tarrida –
5.    Dave Tarrida –
6.    lakker – Kaboogie Grime
7.    Milkey boy = Fucking ass’oles
8.    Neil Lanstrum – pro audio
9.    Neil Lanstrum –
10.    Neil Lanstrum –
11.    Neil Lanstrum –
12.    Neil Lanstrum –
13.    Dj Nowhere versus the Maverick Dj –
14.    Neil Landstrum- Cap n’ arse
15.    homoludo versus Micheal Forshaw – Work

16.    Neil Lanstrum live in Dublin 1998(I recorded on this to dat in Phunk city) minus 30

17.    Dj Nowhere versus the Maverick Dj Beat like this intro



2 Responses to “PCPRadio The Northern Sound! 2 Feb 08”

  1. Andrew (Eile) Says:

    ‘lakker – Kaboogie Grime’ doesn’t have any Scottish/Northern English connections??? and it is certainly not 10 years old 😉

    Tracklisting looks interesting – will give it a listen.

    A (Eile)

  2. homoludo Says:

    err, was going to post on that – mutoid raveness etc. will when the man gets off my back…

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