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PCPRaidio: John Carpenter & Ian Maleney Sa Stiúideo a dó Yo

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PCPRaidio_Cow_Punk_ 03-Jan-2015

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PCPRaidio Without Doubt the Greatest Polish Jazz House Garage Fusion Record of ALL Time

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A show sixfoot did for our birthday gig last month. Just catching up on our back cases. More on that in the next post.

PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes

Posted by homoludo on Jan 31 2014 Posted by homoludo on January 31st, 2014 filed in Sixfoot Apprentice, Uncategorized
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PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes


A rake of tunes that blew SIXFOOT APPRENTICE’s mind from 2013.

1. BLUE DAISY – ‘Used To Give A Fuck’ (from ‘Used To Give A Fuck EP’ on Black Acre Records).
2. K.FLAY & DANNY BROWN – ‘Hail Mary’ (from K.Flay’s soundcloud site).
3. BONDE DO ROLE vs BRITNEY SPEARS – ‘Marina Drop Dead (RICHARD L mashup)’ (from RICHARD L’s soundcloud).
4. SIRIUSMO – ‘Itchy’ (from ‘Enthusiast’ on Monkeytown Records).
5. DJ NOBODY – ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ (from ‘Spare Time Mixtape’ self-released).
6. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Only Child’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
7. JEE4CE – ‘Be Alright’ (from ‘My Friend Jack’ on Jee4ce’s bandcamp site) IRE.
8. RUSTIE – ‘Slasherr’ (from ‘Slasherr EP’ on LuckyMe Records).
9. DANNY BROWN – ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin’ (from ‘Old’ on Fools Gold Records).
10. SOPHIE – ‘Bipp’ (from ‘Bipp’ on LuckyMe Records).
11. GRAEME S & MYNAMEISJOHN & GODKNOWS – ‘Struggle’ (from ‘Struggle EP’ on their bandcamp) IRE.
12. RUN THE JEWELS – ‘Run The Jewels’ (from ‘Run The Jewels’ on Fools Gold Records).
13. LADY GREW – ‘Kenny Fuckin’ Powers’ (from ‘Put Tha Pink Up’ on Lady Grew’s bandcamp site) IRE.
14. BIG DOPE P – ‘Moveitlife’ (from ‘Diggity Two’ on Moveltrax Records).
15. LETHAL DIALECT – ’13 Til Infinity’ (from Lethal Dialect’s soundcloud site) IRE.
16. JAMBO & WILLA LEE – ‘The Habitat’ (from ‘Intervention’ on Jambo’s bandcamp site) IRE.
17. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Lusaka By Night’ (from ‘John Wizards’ on Planet Mu Records).
18. LETHAL DIALECT – ‘Keep It Real (DEVIANT remix) (from Deviant’s soundcloud site) IRE.
19. PUSHA T – ‘Numbers On The Board’ (from ‘My Name Is My Name’ on Def Jam Records).
20. DIPLO feat. ACTION BRONSON, RIFF-RAFF, MR MFKN EXQUIRE – ‘Rock Steady’ (from ‘Revolution’ on Mad Decent Records).
21. KARA KARA – ‘Lets Sue Teenagers’ (from ‘Ill Eagle’ on Kara Kara’s bandcamp site) IRE.
22. CHANCE THE RAPPER – ‘Everybody’s Something’ (from ‘Acidrap’ self-released).
23. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘I Heard’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
24. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Queen Is Dead’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
25. DIAMOND DAGGER & MELJOANN – ‘What’s Your Friends Name’ (from Diamond Dagger’s bandcamp site) IRE.
26. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – ‘Ode To John & Yoko (ODDLOGIC remix) (from Oddlogic’s bandcamp site).

PCPRaidio Gaypan

Posted by homoludo on Nov 21 2012 Posted by homoludo on November 21st, 2012 filed in radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice, Uncategorized
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PCPRaidio Gaypan

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Artist Song


1. Unknown– WhiteLabel
2. Mike WiLL & Ryan Cameron Speak) Feat. Jeremih -773 Love
3. Aesop Rock -Leisureforce
4. Seekersinternational -LargeItUp_version_2
5. Holy Other –  In_Difference
6. Marina Minerva -The_Sound
7. E 40  Feat. YG, IamSu & Problem- Function
8. Aesop Rock-   Racing Stripes
9. Sd_Laika 5-Spaceman_Piff_Visionist_Remix_Visionist_Remix
10. Back To The Basics Feat. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka (Waka Flocka Speaks)
11. Decibel – M_S_T_
12. Terror_Danjah – Dark_Crawler
13. Decibel – Miss
14. Sd_Laika – Tropic_Of_Capricorn
15. Powell – Search
16. Holy Other-   Where


  1. FLYING BUTTRESSES – “God Laws (SIXFOOT APPRENTICE Remix)” (from ‘Orson Welles EP’ on Flying Buttresses’ Bandcamp site) IRE
  2. MONTO – “All Is Well” (from ‘Best Boy EP’ on Melted Music) IRE
  3. DANNY BROWN – “Blunt After Blunt (3:33 Remix)” (from 3:33’s Soundcloud site)
  4. KONE – “Marijuana” (from Kone’s Bandcamp site)
  5. GASLAMP KILLER & DAEDELUS – “Impulse” (from ‘Breakthrough’ on Brainfeeder Records)
  6. ACTION BRONSON & METABEATS – “Hookers” (from Metabeats’ Soundcloud site)
  7. TYLER THE CREATOR – “French” (from ‘Bastard’ on Odd Future Records)
  8. CITIES AVIV – “Coastin” (from Cities Aviv’s Bandcamp site)
  9. KARA KARA – “Sky Is Falling” (from Kara Kara’s Bandcamp site) IRE
  10. LIONFX – “Lion Dance” (from ‘How A Kid From The Hood Became The Lord Of A Galaxy’ on Boy Scout Audio) IRE
  11. SPACE RAIDERS – “Cutters Choice” (from ‘Big Beat Classics Vol. 1 on Skint Records)

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid Verson 4.0

Posted by homoludo on Nov 19 2012 Posted by homoludo on November 19th, 2012 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows, Uncategorized
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Noid the Droid in the second half,  back from Unsound with a haul of goodies and a bit of a Lakker megamix at one

point in my half as the lads just sent me some great material that is out or coming out around now.




artist song label album
1. iTAL tEK Human Version Nebula Dance
2. Main Attrakionz On Tour Bossalinis & Fooliyones
3. DJ Q Will I Ever Be Free All Junglist EP
4. DJ Q All Junglist All Junglist EP
5. DJ Q Unit 50 Q Recordings The Archive
6. Lakker Preset NUMB Deathmask EP [LOVWAX001]
7. Lakker Mustard Crying BP037
8. Lakker Deathmask Deathmask EP [LOVWAX001]
9. Lakker Ciar BP037
10. Andy Stott Luxury Problems Luxury Problems
11. My Disco All I Can Do (Justin K Broadrick’s Warmer Mix) Wrapped Coast (Single)
12. Gillette 1-I
13. Alva Noto &Anne-James Chaton Barack Obama

Noid the Droid

14. Thought Broadcast – Breaking Test (Editions Mego)
15. J.T Stewart – SWFYSU (Indische Buurt)
16. Metasplice – Decant (Forthcoming Morphine Records)#
17. Silent Sevant – Invocation of Lust – Extended 12″ Mix (Hospital Productions)
18. KPLR – cirkuit.rn 1 (Digitalis)
19. Pete Swanson – Pro Style (Type)
20. Theo Parrish – Any Other Styles (Sound Signature)
21. Willie Burns – The Overlord (Trilogy Tapes)
22. Mix Mup – Transitions (Mikrodisko)
23. Pete Swanson – Remote View (Type)
24. Metasplice – Thermite Jack (Morphine Records)
25. Pomassl – Surplus Ships (Laton)
26. Ike Yard – Loss – Regis Version (Blackest Ever Black)


Posted by homoludo on Oct 04 2012 Posted by homoludo on October 4th, 2012 filed in radio shows, Uncategorized
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1. Artist                                    Song                                Album                                Label
2. Sketch Nine-Still Shinin’ (Deviant’s 24 hour turnaround remix)-Fancy in the Pantry-Alphabet City
3. Aesop Rock-1,000 O’Clock-Skelethon-Rhymesayers Entertainmen
4. AOKI Takamasa – RN4-09 -Monad
5. Aesop Rock-Fryerstarter-Skelethon-Rhymesayers Entertainmen
6. Jee4ce todd Tuttle – Problem_Conversation (Deviant’s two birds remix) Fancy in the Pantry Alphabet City
7. Notorious big JAAR aphex mash
8. Danny Brown-Die Like A Rock Star (Deviant’s stormin’ gutter trance remix)-Fancy in the Pantry Alphabet City
9. Dj Rashad-Ghetto_Tekz_Runnin_It-Just a Taste-Ghettophiles

10. Aesop Rock Homemade Mummy Skelethon Rhymesayers Entertainmen
11. Seekersinternational-InVoiceDub
12. Powell-Grand_Street
14. Dave Nada-La Gata-Summer Of Moombahton
15. KW Griff-Bring_in_the_Katz_featuring_Pork_Chop-Club Constructions vol 3-Night Slugs
16. DJ SLIINK-Emergency-Vibrate EP- Body High
17. Addison Grove-Go_Boom-Adventures In Rainbow Country-50 Weapons
18. Addison Grove Button_Moon- Adventures In Rainbow Country-50 Weapons
19. Darq E Freaker Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) (feat. Danny Brown) Blueberry EP
20. DJ SLIINK Vibrate Vibrate EP Body High
21. Darq E Freaker-Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) (feat. Danny Brown)-Blueberry EP
22. Dismantle & Hizzleguy-Tryna Test-Tryna Test EP
23. JK Flesh -POSTHUMAN-Posthuman
24. Fireworkz-Limb By Limb (Feat. Bounty Killer Ghetts Shystie And Trilla)-Limb By Limb
25. Terror_Danjah-Dark_Crawler Dark Crawler-Planet mu
26. Rebz War_Skank_(feat_Trilla)
27. EJ-UFO
28. Gang Gang Dance-Princes [feat. Tinchy Stryder]
29. 16bit-Funhouse-
30. The Specials-Ghost Town (DJG bootleg)-Bootlegs
31. El-B EL-B Ghost Rider Ghost Rider EP- Vinyl
32. lil silva Shutter
33. Death Grips-Exmilitary – I Want it I need it (Death Heated)
34. Salt and Peppa- Push It
35.BEEFCOCK -beefcocok  tour cd track 1- 100 % Beefcocok and Titbuster

PCPRaido Happy Menace

Posted by homoludo on Dec 06 2011 Posted by homoludo on December 6th, 2011 filed in Uncategorized
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Download or click for mobiles

artist – song – album – label
1. Oneohtrix Point Never Replica Replica Software / V2
2. Dam Mantle Not_A_Word We GET ME!
3. Radiohead Separator_Anstam_RMX_II TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
4. Radiohead Morning_Mr_Magpie_Nathan_Fake_Harshdub_RMX TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
5. Pariah Left Unsaid IOTDXI R&S
6. Cloaks Detritus_Version Versions Grain 3BY3
7. Cloaks Against_Devilman_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
8. Cloaks Against_Legion_Of_Two_Remake Versions Grain 3BY3
9. Cloaks 00148_Dead_Fader_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
10. Cloaks Rust_On_Metal_JK_Flesh_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
11. Cloaks Sixmenace_One Versions Grain 3BY3
12. Sewnleather- blazingbabylon Free DL
13. Sewnleather- Smoke_Ov_The_Pvnk_ The big pink / various k7
14. LIGHT ASYLUM Shallow_Tears – The Big pink / various k7
15. John Maus Believer We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves UPSET THE RHYTHM

1. STEREOTYP – Juke My Name (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
2. COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
3. RIHANNA – Rudeboy (STEREOTYP Remix) (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
4. WAGAWAGA – Sleepwalker (from ‘Jinjajoon Bus’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
5. BANTUM – New String (feat OWENSIE) (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum’s bandcamp site) IRE
6. COCO BRYCE – Ginormous Bliss (from ‘Polaroid Sunset EP’ on Myor Records)
7. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride (from ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ on Cock Rock Disco Records)
8. MACHINEDRUM – Let It (SOVEREIGN SECT Remix) (from Sovereign Sect’s soundcloud site)
9. LUPE FIASCO – I Gotcha (KRADDY Remix) (from ‘The Illegal Album’ on Refiner Records)
10. RUBBERBANDITS – Bag Of Glue (unreleased) IRE
11. BANTUM – An Introduction (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum bandcamp site) IRE