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PCPRaido Happy Menace

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Download or click for mobiles

artist – song – album – label
1. Oneohtrix Point Never Replica Replica Software / V2
2. Dam Mantle Not_A_Word We GET ME!
3. Radiohead Separator_Anstam_RMX_II TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
4. Radiohead Morning_Mr_Magpie_Nathan_Fake_Harshdub_RMX TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
5. Pariah Left Unsaid IOTDXI R&S
6. Cloaks Detritus_Version Versions Grain 3BY3
7. Cloaks Against_Devilman_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
8. Cloaks Against_Legion_Of_Two_Remake Versions Grain 3BY3
9. Cloaks 00148_Dead_Fader_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
10. Cloaks Rust_On_Metal_JK_Flesh_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
11. Cloaks Sixmenace_One Versions Grain 3BY3
12. Sewnleather- blazingbabylon Free DL
13. Sewnleather- Smoke_Ov_The_Pvnk_ The big pink / various k7
14. LIGHT ASYLUM Shallow_Tears – The Big pink / various k7
15. John Maus Believer We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves UPSET THE RHYTHM

1. STEREOTYP – Juke My Name (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
2. COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
3. RIHANNA – Rudeboy (STEREOTYP Remix) (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
4. WAGAWAGA – Sleepwalker (from ‘Jinjajoon Bus’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
5. BANTUM – New String (feat OWENSIE) (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum’s bandcamp site) IRE
6. COCO BRYCE – Ginormous Bliss (from ‘Polaroid Sunset EP’ on Myor Records)
7. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride (from ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ on Cock Rock Disco Records)
8. MACHINEDRUM – Let It (SOVEREIGN SECT Remix) (from Sovereign Sect’s soundcloud site)
9. LUPE FIASCO – I Gotcha (KRADDY Remix) (from ‘The Illegal Album’ on Refiner Records)
10. RUBBERBANDITS – Bag Of Glue (unreleased) IRE
11. BANTUM – An Introduction (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum bandcamp site) IRE



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Fennez, David Sylvian -Transit


I have listened repeatedly
I have listened very well
No one interrupts the harmful
When they�re speaking

To wonder why of Europe
Say your goodbyes to Europe
Swallow the lie of Europe
Our shared history dies with Europe

(follow me, won’t you follow me?)

A future�s hinting at itself
Do you fear what I fear?
All those names of ancestry
Too gentle for the stones they bear

Someone somewhere wants to see you
Someone’s traveling towards us all

To wonder why of Europe
To live, love, and cry in Europe
Say your goodbyes to Europe
Our history dies with Europe

(follow me, won�t you follow me?)

The lights are dimming
The lounge is dark
The best cigarette is saved for last
We drink alone
We drink alone


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 Download or click for mobile devices

artist                 song                      label                    album

1.    Aromatic toasty     Beannach mhór                     unreleased                            IRl
2.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG01        Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
3.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG02        Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
4.    Pangea                        Fatalist              Hemlock    hex/fatalist ep
5.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG04       Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
6.    SULLY                    Let You                Keysound Recordings    Carrier
7.    Actress                   C.L.A.W             download             twitter tracks
8.    Regis                      Blinding Horses    Blackest ever Black    In A Syrian Tongue EP
9.    Lando Kal              Run It            Rush Hour Records                Manoeuvre/ Run it
10.    Rustie                    Hover Traps            warp                     Glass Swords
11.    Johnny Oakley & 16 hertz     Live excerpt ( COLONY Corsica studios)    unreleased        IRL
12.    Raffertie             Twitch (It Grows & Grows)    Ninja Tune    Visual Acuity ep
13.    LL COOL J          Going Back to Cali              Def Jam    Walking With A Panther
14.    DISTAL               Coke Bottle                                     Boss of the south ep
15.    DJ Q                   The Last Dance                  Boy Better Know    Tropical 2
16.    Royal T              Cool Down                          Boy Better Know    Tropical 2

SIXFOOT APPRENTICE – Raidió Na Life – 08/10/2011

17.    CATSCARS – Wish I Had (from ‘Construction’ on White Plague Records) IRL
18.    COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
19.    VIBESQUAD – Numbskull (from ‘Orphan Alien Pt 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)
20.    ZEN DEATH SQUAD – Motherfucker (from Zen Death Squad’s website)
21.    T-WOC – Sams Brake (from ‘Jetstar EP’ on Alphabet Set’s bandcamp site) IRL
22.    NOX & YOLANDI VISSER – Gimme My Fucking Diamonds (KONEKTA Remix) (from Konekta’s soundcloud site)
23.    VIBESQUAD – Shine (from ‘Orphan Alien Pt 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)
24.    NOUVEAUNOISE – Believe (from ‘Sequence Consequence’ on Nouveaunoise’s bandcamp site) IRL
25.    ILL GATES – Contact (from ‘The Ill Methodology’ on Muti Music)


Posted by homoludo on Oct 05 2011 Posted by homoludo on October 5th, 2011 filed in !Kaboogie, !Kaboogie Records, Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice, Uncategorized
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 Read this to understand why I’ve not posted in a while.

Artwork from Clap you Hands part 1&2, out on Vinyl on  New Irish label Maigret Records.

This weeks show  featuring  new Irish releases from; Eomac, Twoc,  Lrd Jxn, Lecs Luther, Deviant/Sert one, Jinx Lennon, Hunter Gatherer , a Demo from Captain Moonlight (which I love for the Crass sample) and more. Written like that the quality of current Irish beats and lyrical invention jumps out. Unusually. Lets hope it continues.

Also Rustie’s new album kills like this


Download or click for devices

Artist                      song                        album               label

1.    KID KEYBOARD     Blunts In The Night    Video Games And Blunts    No Lable DL
2.    TWOC     Sam’s Brake    Jetstar EP    Alphabet Set(forthcoming) IRL
3.    BEYONCE FEAT JAY Z    Crazy in Love( Dj Finesse mix)    Urban hits 14     Bootleg
4.    TWOC     Work all day     Jetstar EP    Alphabet Set(forthcoming) IRL
5.    CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT    Love divine    Demo    Demo(forthcoming) IRL
6.    EOMAC     Clap Your Hands Pt2     Clap Your Hands EP    Magrait Recordings IRL
7.    CONTAINER     Overflow    LP    Spectrum Spools
8.    NOCHEXXX    Charro    Savage Herald / Charro    Ramp Recording
9.    FRANK VIGROUX FEAT KENJI SIRATORI    blanked out with black marker like an old 12″ ’cause it’s a such a killer and nobody else had it-  Récolte    d’autre cordes records
10.    RUSTIE    Death Mountain    Glass Swords    Warp
11.    TEETH     Shawty    Shawty EP    502 recordings
12.    MAIN ATTRACTIONS     MishkaNYC – Take 1 (feat. A$AP Rocky) -prod. by Clams Casino-    Self released/bandcamp
13.    RUSTIE    Surph    Glass Swords    Warp


14. HUNTER GATHERER – Risen (from Hunter Gatherer bandcamp site) IRL
15. JONWAYNE – Just A Minute (from Jonwayne website)

16.JINX LENNON – Probably Better Off (from Hungry Bastard Hibernia on Jinx Lennon bandcamp) IRL
17.EPIGON ADM – Escalators (from The Value Of Things on Foot In Mouth website) IRL
18.BLU – Doin Nothin (from NoYork on Warner Records)
19.BENITO – Caffeine (from Benito soundcloud site)
20.DEVIANT – Overheard (SERT ONE Remix) (from Send In The Hounds on Community Skratch Music) IRL
21.GHOSTFUNK – Mighty Agho (from Ghostfunk website)
22.LECS LUTHER – Dia Dhuit (from Lecs Luther soundcloud site) IRL
23.GANGSTARR – The Squeeze (MONTO Remix) (from Monto soundcloud site) IRL
24.LRD JXN – Strobe Light Lovely (from Wuja Wuja Wah EP on !Kaboogie Records) IRL
25. CO.FEE – Firework Spraying Moon (from Co.fee soundcloud site)
26.FANCY MIKE – Hikikimori (from Fancy Mike soundcloud site)

T-woc – Meccano

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T-woc’s  – Meccano, off Delayed responses 3.  Nuff big tunes coming from T-woc’s direction at the mo, check the Fez in my last mix for an idea or the quality and lots more on the way.


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Dubs- Playing tunes on the turntable behind the counter in Freebird records(behind the central bank) today at three pm. Hope I get some time off to make people feel bad about their musical shopping choices…

Durrty old town – Goodz in Dublin

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Durrty good ultrasound album cover

Durrty Goodz joining us in Dublin on the 20th of this month in Twisted pepper. Pleased to say, also on the bill is Taz Buckfaster Gaybriel heatwave. Here’s Durrty on a Taz Buckfaster(who hopefully will be joining us at a later date)  tune from his new Ultrasound album,which is a taster for the album proper(check out more 2 da floor from it for a hilarious piss take of electro grime, while being a really good electro grime track!)

Durty goods – Destruction


And just for extreme nastiness, here’s one off Giggs’ Walk in the park mixtape(I hope he’s ok with me putting it up- listen to see why I’m bothered)

Giggs -Saw


The demons behind the music industry

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Could be worse

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Could be worse- if this chap hadn’t saved all our lives.

PCPRadio 8 Dec 07

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This weeks show starts off with some electro boogie, modeselector and mad decent styles.

The dub step section has a few mixed in with some early(slightly screwed) jungle tunes. It’s lovely and salutory how well they mix. And a pleasure to mix..



Tracklist to follow